Magick and psychology

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Magick and psychology
Post # 1
I've read several posts on this site with people (genrally new members/uneducated posters) in regards to "casting spells" to help them with a certain psychological issue. To which more active and educated members respond saying things like "magick can't help you with everything" or "you're better off seeing a psychologist". I think this communicates a very misleading message about what "magick" is and the potency of ones own inner power.
Of course simple spells won't do much for a begginer suffering from any psychological condition in any walk of magick, but if you have a decent and healthy understanding of your practice, whatever it may be in regards to spirituality, you WILL have a decent grasp on your psychology. The two go hand and hand and the deeper you look into it the more evident it becomes. Occult practicioners and Wiccans alike understand the nature of dieties and their place in ones psyche and as such understand the true nature of the psyche itself. At least a deeper understanding than most individuals even perhaps, I dare say, some modern psychologists.
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Re: Magick and psychology
Post # 2
To be fair though, It's always best practice to advise someone with troubling psychological issues to some kind of professional help, particularly if they seem to be a danger to themselves or others. A medical professional may not hold all the answers to ones troubles but unlike many here it is their responsibility and vocation to help people deal with these issues. ask yourself, if someone you loved confessed to suicidal thoughts to an anonymous stranger here would you rather that stranger ask them to seek professional help or ask them to anoint a candle with their blood and burn it under a full moon while praying to Mammon?
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Re: Magick and psychology
Post # 3

I think there are two issues to bear in mind here. Firstly, a lot of people on here are minors and/or teenagers. I don't know about other kids but good judgment was not something I had especially when it came to my psychology because it was all jumbled up with hormones and things I didn't understand yet. It's important to bear this in mind because advising a child wrong can have unexpected consequences. That's why people recommend seeing psychologists or doctors or trying to deal with it mundanely. Those people are in a much better situation not only to know the person (child or adult) but also to help the person in the long term. It's not dismissive so much as it is caring.

Secondly, I would question exactly what is it that is helping if practicing the occult helps with any psychological problems. Is it the path or the destination? You see, if it were the destination (a certain spell or ritual) then we can point and say "go over there," but if it's the path (and I truly believe it is) then the individual is the one that needs to walk it to find out. It's a more long term thing than just 'do x, y and z' and you're fixed. Sometimes you can't even start the path without help. Sometimes magic wouldn't have helped anyway. Sometimes immediate help is needed. So once again, the safest advice is to direct them to professionals.

So, yeah, magic is powerful and can alter the way you see yourself and the world. It can sometimes help you through tough times or bring you peace but that doesn't mean it's the best answer to give to someone in genuine pain and suffering who needs help.

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Re: Magick and psychology
Post # 4
You guys give excellent points. I agree.
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