Philosophy of life

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Philosophy of life
Post # 1
So as many of the famous philosophers such as Aristotle or Socrates asked a questions that a child would ask. In my philosophical view life has a purpose. even the most lowest form of life if such as a cell has a purpose in its time. Looking at animals, they have a purpose. You can say at a basic level of life, we all simply strive to survive, our purpose is to adapt and survive and reproduce.

Now you might say that hey, we already past that evolutionary state of mine. Well of course we have. But now what is the purpose of life now that you have gone past that evolutionary state of mind. This is where religion comes in. Religion gave us a purpose to live, it gave us a meaning of life. but at a fundamental level, we our selfs give life its own purpose. In actuality we constitute our own path. Thus giving Life its meaning.If u dont know your purpose of life, you could look at life in a evolutionary level, which is our life purpose is to attain knowledge, contribute to humanity, grow and reproduce, anything beneficiary for the betterment of our offspring humanity instead.
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Re: Philosophy of life
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 2
Yes, all very fine thoughts about your own philosophy. But you also reveal your belief in human superiority.
"Looking at animals,they have a purpose."
You have just separated animals and humans!
But you are an animal!
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Re: Philosophy of life
Post # 3
i have not separated animals and humans, i plainly just used animals as an example, Yes it is true we are animals in a fundamental understanding, but the idea to strive for our survival, and reproduce in hopes the species will live on. that idea still lives on even in humans and every life form out there, i didnt merely separate humans from animals, in fact that would be impossible, separation is just an illusion created in order to categorize such a complex thing that it may seem different but its not.
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Re: Philosophy of life
Post # 4
I think humans are a bit more complex to simply say that, on an evolutionary level, we seek "the betterment of our offspring", especially when you look at how the world is in a declining state, in terms of environmental damage and the way we treat each other, so say we seek our betterment.

Also, while humans are animals, we're also a very unique form of living thing in our own right compared to every other animal. So I think that's oversimplifying it quite a bit to say human is just another animal.
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Re: Philosophy of life
Post # 5

Yes. Human is just another animal but we are not that complicated as you say they are. Humans are very simple. And humans are not greater than any other species on this planet. You say that just because you completely don't realize that humans isolated them selfs from other species into the cities, states and villages and you immediately think humans are greater. Yes, humans have their ups and downs but the only problem about that is that humans started to destroy other species and their world only for their selfish ambicious and at the end they will destroy them selfs. Humans evolved as a group... humans worked like a team and that is how we did it until they reached that faze where they started to work every each on their own and there is where everything goes down. In some kind of a way I am a little ashamed of being a human. I would rather live as an animal in ignorance than watch my own speacies destroy everything my home. We kill each other and we do it for a better caouse, they say. It is not a beautifull scene. It is just sad. It is sad to think that I'm probably going to be dead for some persons selfish ambicions and you probably too. I think about that every day and I know exactly how a human act.

Philosophy of life is simple not complicated, you just need to learn how to see betwen black and white.

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