Creating An Altar

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Creating An Altar
Post # 1
Many people use altars in the lives. An altar helps to set your focus for rituals, and magic workings. They can be used to honour deity, spirits and ancestors, and do magic. Many of times however an altar isn't only used for those purposes, it is mostly used to show a symbol of your faith.

Things that can be on the altar as long as some things that should be on it are :
?candles (typically candles to symbolize the gods, working candle, and elements)
?Altar cloths (some have only one, while others have different ones. It's up to you)
?bowls (this can hold the salt and water if used)
?Mixing bowl or something to crush herbs and other things. (Good idea for people who use teas, herbs, and food items)
?Your books on the craft/faith
?Your tools
?anything that is special to you. I have a religion book on mine, and a bible because I hold the belief that religion is special and has something to teach no matter what faith you are.

Different types of altars?
There can be portable altars, which I have one. There can be permanent ones as well. They can be small(if it's only to honour deity) and they can be big. Anything can be an altar really.

Some links :

Any more information to add? Feel free to post below or message me using the chatter. Add any additional links or books if wanting.

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Re: Creating An Altar
Post # 2
I understand that people have alters for practicing and ritual purposes and I also understand that some people don't have alters at all. My only question on this topic would be is the top of my dresser considered an alter even though I do rituals and cast spells on my floor (I just put everything when I'm done on my dresser)?
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Re: Creating An Altar
Post # 3
Yes, that's fine. I am lucky that my parents don't pay too much attention when it comes to this. But there's nothing wrong with having to put away your altar. It's in your heart and mind that matters the most.
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Re: Creating An Altar
By: / Novice
Post # 4

Good post, thank you for sharing :)

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Re: Creating An Altar
Post # 5
Thanks Chleo! glad you enjoyed it.
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