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Post # 1
Well I'm new here and I've read that most of you say that beginners shouldn't try summoning. But what about genies and djinn summoning? I've found two spells/ rituals here on how to summon genies and that a caster here has or had a genie/djinn. Does the same rules apply for these kinds of summoning? Not for beginners, do your research, get experience first are the things I've been told the most but it doesn't really clear my doubts or answer my questions. And since I am a newbie, what spells should I try for practice first, what is a recommended spell in particular? Any advice at all I will listen to it. I am here to learn and hope to teach it later on.

PS. Since I am new to this site, I've never actually used it like in forums or things like this so I don't know where I'm posting this, I just thought new thread would send mine in a different direction. Sorry for the trouble peeps. I would really appreciate your help.
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Re: Summoning
Post # 2
Well i think you posted this in a right place! But moving on, your right. You shouldn't try summoning at leat until you've learned the basic's. For more on these check AwakeTooLong's post or two on the basics(meditation, grounding, energy, etc)

I can't help really on the topics given but someone more helpful will come along so don't worry. Good luck!
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Re: Summoning
Post # 3
Also, spell casting in general for newbies. I wouldn't recommend. You don't know how energy works or why, and thus can hurt yourself/result in spell failure. FAQ's page has good help on this subject and will answer many questions. You can't turn into fantasy(fairies, change eye color, etc) so that's cleared up i hope!
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Re: Summoning
Post # 4
Well, actually all the practices need the basics, if you don't have that then I don't recommend you to try summoning something
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Re: Summoning
Post # 5
Well yes I know I shouldn't try any sort of spell whatsoever just yet and u didn't intend to until I had every basic covered. I do know about the meditation, one of the little things I know so far. I've searched tips and advice. And I know that magick isn't something to play with or do just because. I know that there's energy involved and a balance to be kept. I probably know half of the precautions. What I do not know is how to actually start a spell. I have asked others and they said to start off very small, and not try anything at all that may have negative consequences. And so on I've done some more research. Basically this site says that the illusion spells are good for beginners and practice.

And yes I know that I must be clear of mind and be on a purified area and the details like that. But this will be my first step here so I really need to know how to start out. Many will say to not do anything I would regret. And I will say I value life and I won't do anything that's risky. There are limits, and there are limits.

Thank peeps
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