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Post # 1
Hello, I am Dakota and i been practicing magic for 3 years now, still kind of a beginner but i do my spells mostly with energy from everything around me. I learned exercises, methods, many things to help me get me on my way. I know a lot about herbalist of which i made a herb mixture of which enhances your power, i will see paste it when i find a place. A few things that you can know about me is that i am a nice guy, message me if your bored or want information about certain things like knot magic, imitation magic, sympathetic magic, about the astral plane and methods of getting, there also techniques to control empathy, to become clairvoyant or really any psychic abilities, i am still learning telekinesis but on my way, and casting spells with my mind. Either way, if you need a friend to talk to i'm here, just talk to me about really anything. I am a witch of which we are called the Hes-fer-ian Witches, of which uses mostly elemental magic, universal magic, nature magic, cosmic, and a few others, most people in my family don't believe in magic but i do. Well that is all i will share for now and all of you be nice to each other, and i hope you become a powerful witches one day.
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Re: Hello
By: / Novice
Post # 2

Hello Dakota and welcome. I practice herbalism and astral travel too. Can you tell me where I can read about hesferian witches? I've never heard of that before and I'm curious.

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Re: Hello
Post # 3
Hello, my name is Lucas. It's nice to meet everyone . Even though I haven't met anyone yet lol. I just joined the site. And have yet to truly meet anyone on the site. I looked through some of the basic stuff, um Black Cross coven.. What is the aim of that group? I haven't met any and I only viewed a few profile . Haven't worked up the courage to message any members . I'm not sure what to say. I'm a bit blunt at times and I don't want to hurt their feelings. More importantly I don't want to get my butt handed to me for saying something I shouldn't . Self preservation Engage! Lol
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Re: Hello
Post # 4
Hello everyone, welcome to SoM! Here we don't enjoy fluffs(you'll see what i mean). We strive for a community/family aspect.

To get started check out the following:

newbie central
AwakeTooLong's posts (info in forums) basics, and the basic's expanded.

Read the chatter rules and agree to them! This will prevent from gagging.

Read the mail you received

Tips :

No text talk, no trolling, swears, or RP.
If you have an issue talk to the mods or a coven leader (if coven issue) Some can be Personified, Pixa, Bryson, Lark, ect.

Try to be active yet don't talk unless you feel the need to overly engage. This goes for topics you don't know.

Any more help? Talk to me via the message system
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