some clearing up.

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some clearing up.
Post # 1
hello fellow wiches wizards or what ever you call your self I haven't posted in a while so I guess ill start with welcome to 2016!! any way I need some help and what I need help with my spiritual path. ok so I am in to egyption gods and goddess but I would like to be pagan so is there a name for this and ecuse any misspelling?
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Re: some clearing up.
Post # 2
You need help with old Egyptian spiritual path? There are not many people they do it. Try meditation about aname of an Egyptian god or goddess, the best is every evening before you sleep like it was done in ancient Egypt. For example a spell of Imhotep. Meditation with asking for guidance. But, take it a time.
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Re: some clearing up.
Post # 3

There's a name, depending on what kind of pagan you are and what you like to call yourself.

If you are Wiccan, substitute pagan for Wiccan. I will note were Wiccan is most/least common.

You can do "ancient Egyptian pagan". Note, the ancient is important because modern Egypt is predominantly Muslim. This one is common for pagans.

You can do "Tameren/Tamaren pagan". This uses one of the ancient Egyptian words for their homeland; specifically "Ta meryt" or "The Beloved Land". It was called this because the people of ancient Egypt felt that their land was the center of the universe/creation itself and they felt that as such they were particularly blessed by the Netjeru/Gods. This term is the most common one for Wiccans and fairly common for pagans.

You can do "Kemetic (pagan)". This uses another ancient Egyptian word for their land; this one is Kemet which means "the Black Land". This does not describe ethnicity, but rather describes the fertile Nile soil that was deposited on its banks in ancient times. Ancient Egypt was really just "the area along the Nile", outside of that area it was Deshret, desert, or "the Red Land". This is the place where foreigners came from and where conquests were staged. This title is the most common among reconstructionalists and revivalists; mainly people who are wanting to bring back/do as the ancients did or revive what the ancients did in a modern world.

You can also do "Khem(e)tic (pagan)". This is the two most common ways of spelling the Afro-centric version of ancient Egyptian practices. If you are not of African descent, it may be best to avoid this term as it disrespects the various groups of people attempting to reclaim their heritage.

You can also simply tell people, "I'm a pagan who works with ancient Egyptian deities". I've met a lot of people, online and in real life, that simply say that.


For myself, I call myself Kemetic Orthodox, a Kemetic, a Kemetic revivalist, etc, but I do not call myself a pagan. This is because Kemet is in Africa, while pagan is an European term for what was essentially an uneducated person of the country. It's a formerly derogatory term that applies to a totally different area of the world.

While it may be, in some senses, inaccurate, Kemetic Orthodoxy (my main religious/spiritual tradition) is listed as an African Traditional Religion like Ifa, Vodou, Santeria, etc.

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