2 strange dreams

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2 strange dreams
Post # 1
Hello. There has been these dreams that ever since i dreamt of it they will randomly come into my mind/subconsious. The first one, i was walking with someone (my friend) down a hill the all a suddenly fog surrounds me then i drop into darkness then i see myself floating then these red incriate lines start to form on my body. After that im seeing myself using these powers but i cant control them. But then im in a different realm where the kind i was in my dream live. And there were a blue goddess a red goddess and a purple goddess
The second one. Is just me in a snow forrest using ice powers with this blue aura shining . Werird thing is, i would see blue aura everywhere and i dont have the ability to see auras. Could someone help me on this?
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Re: 2 strange dreams
By: / Novice
Post # 2
Hill is usually an achievement or goal you are working towards descending means you're either back tracking or feel lost. The person you're with could be someone who is in a similar situation. Fog in this instance is probably confusion and uncertainty. Same with darkness, it's symbolic of despair, depression, loss. Floating can be a positive thing but if you are afraid or afraid to move you are questioning your own abilities.

Red has a bunch of meanings such as anger and passion, I suggest you decide what you felt at seeing them. Blue is a tranquil colour on the other hand. It can also symbolize ones creativity. Purple can symbolize royalty, kindness, healing, and compassion among other things. Reflect on the three Goddesses and what they felt to you.

Ice powers probably mean you probably watch Frozen too much [slightly joking] ice can symbolize 'putting things on ice' like avoiding situations or people, but it could also be emotional in nature. Like Elsa you feel emotionally frozen and unable to reveal your feelings. The forest can indicate a transition stage or longing for something new. But with the ice powers it's more likely symbolizing your life's demands and desire to escape them. How the forest looks [inviting or scary] can also effect the meaning.

Granted, while it's fun to look into dreams and some dreams can help us understand more about ourselves, most are for fun, so don't obsess or worry about something in a dream being a fact.
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Re: 2 strange dreams
Post # 3
Are there any goddess with those colour aura?
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Re: 2 strange dreams
By: / Novice
Post # 4
Not to my knowledge but you can try and research them. Look up colours associated with goddesses, what you felt they were like [loving, warrior, healing, motherly] or perhaps an elelment they may rule. It could just be a dream, but if you feel there's more you need to reflect and figure it out yourself because it's your dream and personal.
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