Help getting a spell?

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Forums -> Spell Suggestions -> Help getting a spell?

Help getting a spell?
Post # 1
I have been going through hard times lately. I would love a spell to reverse an event that happened around Thanksgiving. Does anyone have a spell that could reverse a past event?
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Re: Help getting a spell?
Post # 2

Magick doesn't fix everything, unfortunately. If it did, I'd reverse my college loans so I wouldn't have to be in debt. It cannot change the past. It's set in stone now.

In this situation, there's a mundane solution to your problem. In fact, there's a mundane solution to most problems. If you choose not to use the magick route, what you can do, is talk to the people who were involved and try to work it out.

Is there any way you can give us more details about the situation? What happened? If you gave us more details, we might be able to advise you how to solve it the problem.

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Re: Help getting a spell?
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3

Sadly there is no magic that will reverse a past event so that it will be as if it never happened. (Don't we all wish there were!). What is done, is done.

However, there may be some ways to smooth over the results of what happened and give you a chance to move on more easily. If you could share a bit more information with us we might have some suggestions.

Whether magic will work at all for you also depends on how much knowledge of and experience with magic that you have. So have you ever done any sort of spellwork before?

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Re: Help getting a spell?
Post # 4
Well, I would rather not describe it, but I had said something... rather terrible to someone... and then someone freaked out about it and now wants to get a restraining order for me... This was about the time of thanksgiving.
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Re: Help getting a spell?
By: / Beginner
Post # 5
If a restraining order is in place, please do yourself a favor and respect it and have no contact. Generally most immediate orders (if granted) are for only a month or two, depending on the situation. If there is no order in place, it is actually quite difficult to obtain one, but since we don't know the circumstances of the situation its hard to say if this would even be approved.

If someone is upset over your actions and you are regretting your decisions from that day, try to center yourself first. Find the cause of your reaction and try to prevent it from happening in the future. IF you were angry over something and made verbal threats, start there. You should focus on yourself and learn what works for you to make yourself a better person.

If this person does not want to communicate (as I would suggest trying to reconcile and admit your wrong doing or apologize but if they won't speak to you that will be difficult.) the most you can do is wish for yourself and them inner peace and forgiveness. Time may not heal all wounds but distance from an even can soften it, so its not to say that in the future they may be willing to communicate and accept your forgiveness.

I am sorry if this is not more helpful. I wish you the best in finding your answers.
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