Simple proven protection?

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Simple proven protection?
Post # 1
Hey all,

I have it on good authority that a friend of mine has become very jealous of my current relationship, and I think he's starting to specifically target me. Of course, I can't confront him on this directly, though I've started to suspect he's been dabbling in this stuff as well.

I was wondering if any of you have recommendations for reliable, yet simple curse banishment spells, and protection spells for the future.

I don't really trust myself with potions, and supplies would be very hard to come across where I currently live, so the ideal solution would be one involving meditation and using my own energies, rather than those of an outside entity.

Any recommendations?
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Re: Simple proven protection?
Post # 2
Also, I suppose some way to detect if a curse, or any other spell has been cast on me would be a good thing to have as well, so I'll open the forum to that too..
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Re: Simple proven protection?
Post # 3
If you feel threatened, you can carry a little satchel with you filled with dry sage and salt. Both cleanse and protect. Good luck my friend.
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Re: Simple proven protection?
Post # 4
Thank you for the fast reply, I already carry around a laptop bag with me, so would any container within that bag be appropriate for the salt and sage?
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Re: Simple proven protection?
Post # 5
I'd look into warding. Warding is essentially setting up bait and traps for blastings (curses) and malelovent spirits, barring them from your home.

Witches Jars, and a Ring of Misfortune come to mind.

The Wheel of Misfortune is an instrument of protection, for catching spirits and hexes alike, to keep them from entering your space. Hang the Wheel at you front door or by your bedside.

To create one, one must have rose stems, string, glass, and peppers.

Begin by braiding the stems together into a wheel or ring. Upon doing this, say this incantation

Then use the string to fasten three shards of glass, three nails, and three hot chiles from the top of the ring.

Then say this incantation:

O? macabre wheel of protection hanging low
Protect me from misfortune that may be thrown
Three sturdy nails to hold it in place
Three sharp shards to cut with haste
Three chiles to bring embers to taste

It is ready then to be hung up.
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