Book On Witchcraft!

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Book On Witchcraft!
Post # 1

So I am reading this book called Mastering Witchcraft! It says in the first chapter if your ready to devout yourself to magick, and its lessons,learnings an so fourth. You must take this step. Make sure no one is in your bedroom at night, close the door, light a white candle an read outloud or in your mind , the Our father pray backwards.

It kinda scared me, and for this reason. In the bible it says satan seaks backwards. So then when I read this chapter, It brought me to this fact from the bible.

Im just wondering what are everyones thoughts on this?

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Re: Book On Witchcraft!
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 2
If this book advises what you say, then the book is absolute nonsense.It has certainly nothing to do with witchcraft!
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Re: Book On Witchcraft!
Post # 3

Who's the author? I would advise researching credible authors for the topic of witchcraft, watch out for false sources and always cross reference everything you read from other sources.

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Re: Book On Witchcraft!
By: / Novice
Post # 4
I love people who jump to conclusions, it makes my life entertaining.

The author is Paul Huson. Many witches work with the devil, that is not only historical fact, but simply true. Is it necessary? Most certainly not, and Paul Huson as far as I can remember even states this.

He also states why he thinks that particular exercise is valid, it personally did absolutely nothing for me, but I'm not from a Christian background and don't feel the need to separate and unbound any part of myself from the doctrine, I can just simply say, yep, some people think that, I'm not one of them. Some people need an exercise like this to truly separate themselves from their upbringing.

He uses the bathroom as an example, really it should be just a private space, one would prefer to have that without relying on the bathroom! As for utilising the Lords prayer backwards, it is a common practice in a few trad. witchcraft circles.

Witchcraft differs from region to region, person to person, family to family etc. I don't know how many times that needs to be repeated.
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Re: Book On Witchcraft!
By: / Novice
Post # 5
He is very credible
Mastering Witchcraft is one of the best books
Ok the topic In my opinion,when ever I teach Someone the basics it's the book I ask them to buy,Its Highly reviewed and regarded from nearly everyone who owns it
It was also the first book to incorporate some HooDoo practices in it.The reason He states to read the Lord's prayer backwards was just in his mind a way to break the shackles on one's old beliefes
He wants you to visualize chains falling off.Personally I skip over this ritual as many others I have spoke to.
In an old interview he once stated Anothet reason put that in the book and so early In the book,was for people he saw as unable to be initiated into his secrets to stop reading at that point
It was a slick blinders,he works a lot of so called black magick
Mixed myth with fact perfectly.Ignore that part and read the book front to back,then read again and just work with what works best with you..The book is no way Wiccan and in no way light Magick
It's very Satanic but in a good way.
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Re: Book On Witchcraft!
By: / Novice
Post # 6
Also His latest book on Tarot is the best researched book on the subject I have ever read,on the History and origins of the cards
His personal meanings on the cards are usually quite a amateur though if you ask me.
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Re: Book On Witchcraft!
Post # 7
Paul Huson was one of the first well known non-wiccan authors to publish a book, and his was unapologetically open about his witchcraft, at a time when Wicca was trying to distance itself from anything "dark" for the public.

Needless to say, he was a controversal authors.

He was one of the leading influences on Luciferian and contemporary traditional witchcraft, particularly with the likes of Robin Artisson, Andrew Chumbley, and Sarah Lawless.

He presents a craft very operative and focused on the powers that may be viewed as dark.

Now, why does this exist? I and many others have performed what we call "sacred blashpemy" for one reason. To deprogram ourselves.

If you cannot say the Lords Prayer backwards, what does that say of your relationship with Christianity? It means you still have an influence from it, fear even. When you can do it, it means you have no more cobwebs to clear, that you're craft will no longer be tainted by the dogma that was hammered into you by your upbringing or even our overwhelmingly Christian-centric society.

We do these acts of blasphemy to deprogram this fear out of us, and to be able to come to the craft unafraid, with a clean slate so to speak.
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Re: Book On Witchcraft!
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 8
It all sounds more reasonable than the original post of this thread. Unbinding,breaking the shackles etc.
I was raised a Catholic; but I threw off the shackles years ago. Not from reading a few books, but from asking questions about Catholic beliefs;from "thinking" about all the "half truths". And that is the problem with all religious "brainwashing"; the half truths! So I eventually came to the conclusion that no religion told the whole truth; in fact, most religions do not tell any of the truth.
And the truth is that all religions are based on the fear of death. And it is that fear that gives power to the priesthood of religions.
I know that I will get arguments, but I will state the truth;
God did not make Man; Man made God!
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Re: Book On Witchcraft!
Post # 9

I agree Brysing, Religions teach their verson of the truth , and god did not creat man, man created god. If we call a being a god then we give it power over our lives- we create it in our minds and annimate it.

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Re: Book On Witchcraft!
Post # 10

thanks everyone for the advice , I greatly apperciate it !

I still dont no weither or not Im going to recite the prayer backwards its self!

But I am still going to read the book ,

again thank you for your opinions!

it just spooked me out abit with what I already know!

So I needed other peoples opinions,

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