What Was This?

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What Was This?
Post # 1
So the other day I was laying on my bed, and I suddenly felt intense kind of like tingly vibrations pulsing from the top of my spine to my feet like a wave. It didn't go up, but that may have been because of my position/posture. Was this anything? I wasn't cold, so I don't think it was just 'the chills'. It pulsated like 5-6 times before it stopped, and sometimes I can somewhat induce the pulses and it's usually random where they go but it always starts from the top of my spine. This was the first time they've ever been that intense or powerful, and when it happened it felt like my legs were above my legs in a sense... Did that make any sense? I could see where my legs were, but it felt like they were above where I saw them to be. Was this anything, or just wishful thinking?
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Re: What Was This?
Post # 2
Vibration is vibration emanating from thoughts and feelings. Generally we categorize into two conditions, namely POWER and FORCE. POWER means vibration thoughts and feelings that have high freq and smooth, while the Force is the opposite...

Sync, connect interconnect. We only know of one step forward, then what we do not know. But we go with confidence knowing the principle of synchronicity always works. Just like we stepped with one foot, and instead of two legs at once. We put one leg because we know after the next leg will take another step. Grow a cause, then we will reap as a result. Your wish is that you planted the seeds of energy in the universe. Sincere and release. And let the universe work according to this principle such as to bring a series of Universal Alchemy process in order to realize your wish.

Humans can be siphoning energy or energises. If its positive, then deliver. Negative, suck. Perhaps without good or bad connotations, but solely with regard to the purpose. If the aim in the same direction, then any man who is in line to be mutually reinforcing. Give each other energy. If the opposite goal, then it would suck each other energy. Weaken.

Are people who can not produce the energy source to supply its own needs. Her/Him also was not able to independently access the divine energy to supply the needs of himself. For that he absorbs and suck the energy of others. People who like to impose their will on others is a parasitic energy. People love to complain and ask for sympathy and empathy of others are parasitic energy. Someone who likesto spread hatred and malice are also parasitic energy. The signs are the most obvious is, you will be more weak, loss of strength and confidence when with him for a long time. You are also more easily hurt, and your money will also more easily exhausted. Fortune more difficult, Misfortune live as if very closely with your life, etc...
All your resources are increasingly thinning and as if there were gnawing yourself.
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Re: What Was This?
Post # 3
Any other explanation? Or an elaboration on the other answer?
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