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Everyday Faith
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
I know that many people (myself included) have trouble living their path, and not just being Wiccan on sabbats and esbats. So my question is, how do you keep the Lord and Lady in mind even when you're using an ATM or walking to work or writing emails? I do daily devotions, but while I'm going through my day, I often have trouble keeping that connection with deity. How is it done?
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Re: Everyday Faith
Post # 2
For me, I find there are many little ways to let Wicca influence your daily life.
One of the simplest ways is enjoying the things around you. As you walk to work, take a moment. See the sun, the sky, the moon (If it's out). Feel the warm sun, bitter wind or blistering heat. Feel yourself connecting to it, and being a small part of it and nature while you're outside.
Another easy, and incredibly subtle way to keep Wicca in mind as you go about your day is to breath with purpose. In for 4, hold for 4, out for 4. Feel the energy of nature and your deities passing through you, through your breath. It will also keep you relaxed, and calm (Almost like during meditation), and will keep your mind in a state of connection with your deities. It doesn't have to be elaborate - they're just the little ways I keep Wicca on my mind.
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Re: Everyday Faith
Post # 3
I was panicing about that when I was younger, it?s fairly easy if you are able to make the time. I do agree with the above post one-hundred percent. Also maybe when you come home or in the early morning, light a tea light and do a fifteen minute meditation or chant with your favored deity, ?share? breakfast with them.
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Re: Everyday Faith
By: / Novice
Post # 4
Notice a special rock; the color, the shape. Look thanks for the view. Listen to the wind rustle the leaves. Hear and be thankful. Smell the scent of the flower. Breathe and be thankful. Touch the tree as you walk by. Feel and be thankful. The wonders of magick are all around us. Enjoy, and be grateful for you to share in the glory of it all. Feel the power of all energy, and be happy! Blessed are we!
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Re: Everyday Faith
By: / Novice
Post # 5
It's hard at first but you can incorporate spirituality into everything you do. I started praying before each meal. Most days I go with 'I give thanks for this food that nourishes my body and spirit and I give thanks to the people who went into producing it. Brightest blessings my Lord and Lady' but I do venture out when I have more to say. It did take a while to make it a habit. You can also cleanse yourself in the shower or cleanse your house when cleaning but visualizing and feeling the negative energy being washed away.

Mindfulness is great for living in the present and seeing the world around you as the gift it is. Try going for a walking meditation, basically take a walk and observe the world around you while breathing deeply. Taking a few minutes to meditate, do yoga, or connect with the earth can help center you.

Try living your life as an example of your deity. If your Goddess is a loving charitable type, donate time, clothes, or money to charity. If they can be tough, learn to stand behind your convictions [example, if you don't want to do something say 'no' and refuse to back down. Be polite, but if the person keeps pestering you, think what your deity would do. Provided it isn't illegal.] Try writing a poem, draw a picture, make a list or whatever of what your deity means to you and use that as an example of your own life. You don't have to live up to it every second, but use it as something to strive for.
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