"Love" Spell Suggestion

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"Love" Spell Suggestion
Post # 1
I'm not a huge fan of love spells. In fact, I don't believe that most of them even work. However, there's no harm in trying to influence a favorable outcome. The spell I'm suggesting is for a specific situation, where there are three persons involved (We'll call the primary subject " Person1 ", and the secondary subjects " Person2 " and " Person3 ".) This spell can be used to both bury old feelings of affection from a previous relationship and establish a new brand new relationship or rekindle another relationship, at the same time.

I like to call this spell, Out With The Old, In With The New

What you'll need
1. A. One photograph of each person involved

Or < br/>
B. A piece of each person (hair, skin, nails, blood, etc.)

2. Table
3. Crystals (rose quarts, sapphire, moonstone, rhodonite.)

Note: You may use different crystals for different situations (i.e. new/old job connections, spiritual path changes, etc.) In this case, we will be focusing on a situation involving romantic relationships

First, place the photos/pieces in an upside down triangular position. (In this example, we'll use photos.) Place Person1 's photo at the bottom of the triangle, then place the other photos on the remaining points on the triangle.

In between Person1 and Person3 place a sapphire and a rose quarts in line leading from point A ( Person1 ). to point B.( Person3 . Then place a moonstone and rhodonite between Person1 and Person2 in the same way. (In this case, we want to strengthen a relationship between Person1 and Person3 , and let go of the relationship between Person1 and Person2 .)
*The sapphire and rose quarts combined will help establish a new relationship or rekindle an old one that was once lost or . This is why it is to be placed as a pathway between the two photos. The moonstone and rhodonite will help bury old feelings of affection between two ex lovers. Essentially cutting the connection.*

When and if Person1 and Person3 have successfully built a relationship, remove the moonstone first, then the rhodonite, then burn Person2 's photo. This, symbolically, severs all remaining ties between Person1 and Person2 . "Burning the bridge", if you will.

Remember, this can only influence the results you want. Everything else is dependent on each person and how they go about building their own personal relationships and the Fates.

So what do you guys think? Pick it apart, leaves notes and suggestions. I'd like to hear what you all think.
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Re: "Love" Spell Suggestion
Post # 2
Yay, I have HTML errors. Oh well, I tried :P
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