Point of views on this?

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Point of views on this?
Post # 1
It will be a new coming service, store and forums.
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Re: Point of views on this?
By: / Novice
Post # 2
Luck and prosperity to you!

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Re: Point of views on this?
By: / Novice
Post # 3

Hi there, I am sorry that this is going to sound harsh but you are asking for peoples points of view on this site:

You are making an app or website that seems to have the exact same ideology as spells of magick, with forums, a shop, chat etc. But by doing so you will have the exact same problems: the fantasy spells, roleplayers etc.

You also have a long list of spell categories that are nonsense: weather spells, fantasy spells, trick spells. Sure some of them on there may be real, but the categories themselves and what they promise is impossible.

There is already a website up and running called Magic Spell Craft, which also has a list of spell categories that are imrobable including many for elemental bending and a voldemort spell (obviously fake). I have gone through this site many a time trying to find somthing useful but almost the entire content is nonsense.

If this website is still not up and running, how do you have people proclaiming the success they have had with the spells?

Is the website written in Latin, if so it is untranslatable and makes it very difficult to read.

Also are you planning on selling the spells? or selling items? Because the shop section has spells in it and in the testimonials someone says another person cast them spell for them. It is a well known fact that a spell cast by the person theselves is always better and free.

I really am so sorry to be so harsh with all of this, but I would love to see other websites out there that offer information for everyone, but more washed out fake information is not going to help anyone but children and roleplayers.

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Re: Point of views on this?
Post # 4
Thanks thorleifc!

Thanks for your point of views Rikki. This is just a template that the designer inputted hes self and has no knowledge of magick, but once it's a full working website, work will be done in order to correct the errors you see. Just so you know we WILL not sell spells.
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Re: Point of views on this?
Post # 5
I'm at peace with nature and nature is at peace with me. I forgive those, who forgive me.
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