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God assistance
Post # 1
I wasn't sure what to put as a name here but basically Id like a bit of help in the form of suggestions. I've yet to choose my patron gods yet and Id like some research suggestions. Their is a lot of deities out there and I was hoping you guys could give me some suggestions on which ones to look up and research before I make my choice.

To help with this Ill say Ive always been drawn to magic and knowledge itself along with drawn to aspects of art and beauty. (In RPG's I'd always be the one to have my character worship deities of beauty, art, and love) While normally I am drawn to goddesses I've no resistance to male deities either.

Any research suggestions?
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Re: God assistance
Post # 2
I always tell people to achieve gnosis and trance, and begin to understand deciphering symbolism, before seeking a patron out.

Doing this allows one to develop the necessary tools to best understand the gods and to receive information from them. Likely in doing so, a god may reach out to you.

Or you could seek out a cultural framework you have heritage in and start from there. If you're German or Scandinavian, the Germanic religions would be a starting point.
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Re: God assistance
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3

would start out by reading the mythology of various cultures and see if there is one of the Deities that you seem drawn to. Once you find an initial sense of connection, they start to develop a relationship with that Deity. Meditation is one good way to begin to communicate with the Divine. In addition, you could create an altar to that particular Deity and make offerings to them to attract them to you.

There is a really excellent book on the subject of working with patron Deities called "Devoted To You" by Judy Harrow. I'd suggest reading this to understand how one goes about forming and then maintaining a relationship with a particular God or Goddess.

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Re: God assistance
By: / Novice
Post # 4
Finding your God or Goddess is personal and it's different for everyone. Think about you, what do you like? Is there periods of history you're drawn to? What's your heritage? These are a few things to consider. You can also observe the world around you, are there symbols that keep popping up? Is there an animal you keep seeing, or you are obsessed with?

Sometimes we might pick a deity we find cool, but a lot of the time the deity chooses you. It's nice to introduce yourself and perhaps a working relationship can form, but I've heard a lot of stories where deities seek people out through meditation, dreams, or some type of symbol.

There's this one youtuber I love who did a video on finding your Goddess or God, and she speaks about her experience, how she wanted to work with Isis and refused to listen to the Morrigan. A strong symbol she claimed not only dead ravens and crows started appearing on her front porch, but every night until she finally accepted the Morrigan, a raven would peck the window over her bed, and always on her side, not her wife's side. Once she gave in, no more ravens pecking at the window or dead crows. I'm not saying it would get that intense for you, but if you've seen a lot of dogs, or perhaps an owl started hanging out outside your window, or you've always been crazy about snakes, perhaps research if there's any deities associated with that. I did, that's how I found my Goddess. You'll know when you found your deity.

If you wish to leave it up to fate you could do that as well. It might take a long time to find your patron deity, don't get discouraged, just grow in your craft. Good luck to you.
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Re: God assistance
Post # 5
My personal God is the horned God, or cerrunos. I have felt his presence before so I know he has close relationships with those who wish to serve him.

But if you like beauty and art, I would reccomend apollo.

Or the sun God ra.

Just research until you find one you feel a connection with, when you feel that connection you will know and if you have any questions feel free to message me.
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Re: God assistance
By: / Beginner
Post # 6
Lady Aphrodite is the goddess of love, art and beauty.
Sure Lord Apollo is the god of Art. But not the others. Only Lady Aphrodite is the goddess of those three.
But she is the most difficult to work with.
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Re: God assistance
Post # 7
Thank you all for the suggestions! I've read them all and Ill take your advice to heart! As somebody new to the craft I really appreciate the help!
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