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cleansing help
Post # 1
Hi,I asked two witches to cast me a money spell and they both told me I have negative energy around me which restricts those luck,money spells. One said I need cleansing and the other said I need green magick- dont even know what that is. If I could get help with either and the casting again from any one here,I will be most grateful. name is Ambele Collins Andongma,,DoB,21/11/1992...
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Re: cleansing help
By: / Novice
Post # 2

1) Never get anyone to cast for you, its not necessary, you can do it yourself, for free.

2) Green magick is a branch that encompasses the use of magick with the nature aspects, such as using herbs, I am not sure why you would need it in this situation though.

3) If you haven't cleansed yourself and your home before doing another spell, you will probably get the same result. It's always a good idea to do routine cleanses to get rid of any hard to remove bad energy.

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Re: cleansing help
By: / Novice
Post # 3
Well your name and dob was unnecessary, you need to cleanse yourself. To cleanse your body, have a sea salt bath. For the energy around your home you could simply put sea salt water in a spray bottle. While cleansing, visualize the water as a glowing light that washes away dark tar like energy. If these witches know how to cleanse you could ask them to come to your house and do it, but cleansings can be done by the person who needs it. [Technically Any spell should be done by the person who needs it]
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Re: cleansing help
Post # 4
Thanks to you guys,I will have do my first cleansing then. Do you know any ease luck spell
I need my luck to come again and bigger. I need a job,
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