Flying and dragons

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Flying and dragons
Post # 1
So i'm asking here if flying and dragons are real cause i want to summon a dragon, and fly... it may sounds stupid but im just asking

Re: Flying and dragons
Post # 2
You can not physically fly or summon a dragon into the physical world, you can do it on the astral plane

Re: Flying and dragons
Post # 3
Dragons, if they do exist, are not corpreal beings, but rather spirits of nature or expressions of nature. They exist in the otherworld.

So evoking a dragon would be like summoning any other spirit, if it can be done at all.

There is also the drake or fetch-beast of certain witchcraft traditions, which represents the lower self, the reptile brain, the animistic and instinctive soul.

As for flying, you cannot physically fly. Flying refers to the shamanic practice of flying in the otherworld, either through trance or entheogenic ointments.

Magick does not break the laws of nature, it works along side of them, manifesting through fate and chance, and the inner mind and symbolism. That is why things like throwing fireballs, flying, physically shape-shifting into wolves, changing your appearance, etc, are restricted to hollywood.

Look into what folkore says and that can give you a good idea of what magick is and is not.

Re: Flying and dragons
Post # 4
Well I have to disagree dragons are very powerful creatures and once they were here in the physical plane so they could do it again if they are willing and flying well if you could summon a dragon into the physical plane then riding one well that's dangerous.

Re: Flying and dragons
By: / Novice
Post # 5
tuckster, there is absolutely no evidence to support your claims. Dragons are not, and have never been, real in the physical sense.

Re: Flying and dragons
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 6

Tuckster, that's nonsense. There is absolutely no evidence that dragons ever existed on the physical plane. Most who work with them understand that they are energy beings which do not exist on the physical plane at all. If you in fact have scientific evidence of the existence of dragons then I'd love to hear about it. Otherwise it is unkind to lead people to believe things which do not exist.

Re: Flying and dragons
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 7
Tuckster,most young children believe in dragons. But you are 14 now. Time to grow up!

Re: Flying and dragons
By: / Beginner
Post # 8
Asking a question like this is not stupid in any means, and please don't feel like it is. If something isn't known, we ask questions. That is how we learn. The majority of people on here will give you an honest answer, some might be a little snippy because the same questions are often asked again and again, but don't hold that against them.

Dragons, unfortunately are not real, as much as we would all love for them to be real. At this time, there is so substantial evidence that Dragons ever existed on our realm. We have proof of dinosaurs due to historical research and scientific data showing evolutionary species that were just as fantastic as dragons, but to date, there has been no recovered evidence that they ever existed. (at least to the general public's knowledge) But that does not stop people from believe in them, and honestly there is nothing wrong with that.

As long as you understand in reality, you can't summon a dragon. If that were the case you better believe I would be riding one to work each morning instead of my Jeep.

Now some mention summoning a dragon spirit. While I have not done this or have much experience in this, it is well worth looking into if this interests you, as you may find a worthy connection in the sense of a spirit animal or other being.

As for flying, no, not possible unless in a plane! But AP is often used by many to get the sense of flying and although its not the reality feel of taking off from the ground, its as close as most of us can get to the real sensation.

Hope this helps! and good luck!

Re: Flying and dragons
Post # 9
Its been said already but physical dragons dont exist. Some people say they encounter dragon spirits on other planes but whether you can summon them to ride on in the astral plane like in skyrim is a topic of controversy.

Re: Flying and dragons
Post # 10

You can summon the dragon but as if others said it won't come into the phisycal form. If the dragon comes in phisycal form it comes just becaus something very important is going to happen that will affect the whole world.

If you don't belive then just logically assume. If there were dinosaurs then there were dragons too. Their bone structure and size is normal for that age. Who knows maybe the dragons survived the day they all died.

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