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reading and fortune telli
Post # 1
So I've read a few threads where an inexperienced young practitioner had been demanding some rather impossible spells from the experienced (shape shifting, skin or weight control spells). But what about the experienced individual who claim to be able to give readings or fortune telling? Would I be wrong if I stated that fortune telling or reading is also fluff/fantasy?
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Re: reading and fortune telli
By: / Novice
Post # 2

Divination is widely accepted as being possible. While some argue that you cannot predict the future, divination does not only aim to predict the future. In it's simplest form it is using certain means to know the unknown.

I can say from experience that I have gotten many accurate readings as well as given many accurate readings/

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Re: reading and fortune telli
By: / Novice
Post # 3

Many practitioners of the craft see divination or fortune telling to be very real.

However it is not an all seeing eye, divination can only show you a single path of your future that can change with everything you do, it is no tfoolproof.

I can say from personal experience that I have reveived readings that were so accurate I was amazed - not necessarily at the time, but when the events occured.

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Re: reading and fortune telli
Post # 4
The problem with such spells is that they stretch beyond the realm of incredibility and break the natural laws of nature and the physical.

Magick, and thusly spells, are work in the unseen, manipulating the mind and "pulling" the strands of fate, so to speak.

Divination itself isn't magick, but instead is simply access to information from elsewhere. Some believe this is merely local (archetypes the mind finds), others believe this information comes from the universe, the will manipulating the strings of fate, or from spirits.

This doesn't break the laws of nature. You have people who actually get results, good enough that these methods of divination have been around since god knows.

As for a spell to grow wings, you will never find someone who achieved that. Nor would any person from the time before hollywood think such a thing possible.
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