I'm the kind to argue.

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I'm the kind to argue.
Post # 1
I'm the kind to argue, not to quote anyone, nowadays you may just be confused on how to pass safely through obsticles, many do not have proper resources to get their directions into a destination.
This is why I am the grumpy man you read from today. That is why with a single direction, you will have a single destination time and time again - call it my motto..

I am ready and willing to offer my blunt and direct form of divination for your sake to help you get a direct view of your uncertainties, 'cause hey, we're all somewhat uncertain, and we all need some sort of indirect affliction to our uncertainties and squabbles. But I'd rather you think of it as sort of a pitch.

Maybe it's weird to a lot of people to be open minded I always say, I mean woah, it's going to be a tragedy if I ever "step foot" on a psychic analysis website, god forbid I end up actually having an opinion or small belief in something I know nothing about, I mean as I was typing this I had to tell some dunce global warming is a myth (Ha! I only kid - that's my skitch on ignoramia, ya dig?)

I like to feel the world around me, ya know? And as long as I can have a peaceful day I feel just tops! But my sensibilities in the great divination scale, scale from about modern day drunk who won't drunk, to a kind spirit who would sew together a rabid badgers wounds in good confidence (Can we make that just a regular badger?).

What I'm trying to get at is if you ever just want my quick 2 cents, I would gladly help you, to the best of my abilities.. You do believe everyone has potential, right? I would like to extend the offer to me using my hybrids/blends of empathetic speech, my quickness of sensory, (also some shaman in me) and possibly a little bit of of intellect.

We shall call these readings, 'Esthyiarchy'(Yes I made that up (E for empathy, S for sensory and the thy is because it is for you) .. Or if you will you could call this sort of divination your daily scroll.

Any questions don't be shy, just don't hurt my feelings or I might have to use my teqnicues to get over them (Ha!).
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Re: I'm the kind to argue.
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
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