The real power of psi

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The real power of psi
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I have been a member in this website for about an year.The most interesting things I found in this website are Psi , Aura and spirit summoning.Though people mistook these things and done things wrong and spread wrong things.
After a lot of studying and practicing I learned how to use psi the real way.I wish the correct mistakes about the power of psi now.

First of all people think psi is a energy of our mind.But it is not a energy but a power of our mind.In the world of psi there is no imagining.People imagines and move the energy in our body and calls it psi.But it is called ki.Ki is a japanese word,it is called chi in chinese and aura in english.People has also mistook the light we see through our eyes sides or whatever they think is aura.

Now when we imagine our body we move the life energy or aura.Okay so what happens if we do the same outside, we move the energy of the world.Thus peoples psi doesn?t work.Also I should say that people use ki in wrong ways.just blasting and healing isnt everything .Ki can be seen by our eyes but not by making a ki ball with a lot of energy.Seeing the ki is the first and basic training for all real ki uers.When the training is fininshed our eyes are unlocked.It is not chakra meditation that open third eye or whatever.Though that meditation is quite linked to that training.I wil not give any more information or that training or about the power of ki as it is hidden by the government.If I say any more about seeing ki I am sure to be killed.Any more about this then mail me.
Okay now we know that imagining helps to move energy.Then how is psi used.It is used by feeling and emotion.I will repeat it again that psi is done by feeling and emotion.Psi is the power of our mind.It is basicaly used for manipulating the elements.the elements are fire,water,wind and earth.For showing proof of psi power I will explain the wind control.
Take paper from a notebook.The page should be around 8 inch long and 6 inch wide.put it in a tables side so that more than half of the page is outside the table and swinging.let the page stop moving keep it in such position so that a slight moving of your body make it move.shut all electrical fans so that the page doesn?t move.Now sit 4 fits away from the page so that the moving of your body doesn?t move the page.Now look at the page and change your sight 1.5 feet down of the page.wind is everywhere.Now try to make a line with there without not imagine.You will feel a pressure in your head.Also while making the line you will feel a heavy feeling on that spot.Now try to make a circle line,square etc.Try your best at moving that heavy feeling.Get used to moving.Then try to do circle line near your hand and keep wirling and slowly increase your speed .If done correctly you will feel the breeze of wind.When you get used now the real proof.Now get your sight at the past spot.First you made lines,now make a little big line like 2 inch wide not forget to feel the heaviness feeling.Now start moving in circles and then after 4 circles fastly move it at the pageand crash at it.keep doing this same thing and you will see the page getting hit by the wind and moving can also try to make circle near the page but it needs to be fast.If kept training in 3 or 4 month you can blow objects.this exercise will take about 30 minutes.So don?t get impatient.Such power can not be learned overnight.IT needs intense training.

Those who tried realy will surely see the result.I have found about fire,water,electricity,earth and more.Elements also have more parts.I call it sub elements.
Those who are not interested please don?t bother to say something.Believing or not believing doesn?t concern it.Also please discuss about the questions.I will answer.But I will not answer about aura or ki publicly in this website.mail me.Also those who learned psi don?t show your powers in the public as it will cause you problems.
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Re: The real power of psi
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
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