Astral Projection

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Astral Projection
Post # 1
I can't astral project. I use sleep paralysis and mantra techniques and also melatonin pills, any ideas anyone? please help me specially if you know of any astral projection mantras
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Re: Astral Projection
Post # 2
Keep practicing. It doesn't happen quickly for many people. I've known people who took over a year to achieve an OBE.

Just keep practicing, exercise with breathe techniques, and visualization.
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Re: Astral Projection
Post # 3
How long do you use the mantra for? I haven?t heard of someone using sleep paralysis before.
I would say some light music and meditation. Also a soft smelling candle or incense to help unwind.
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Re: Astral Projection
Post # 4
hello i never heard about mantras for ap but i can give u a few things to note it about astral projection before trying an attempt u have to know few things like what is astral realm ?The Astral Realm is in a sense a non-physical world that when traveled to, increases magickal abilities dramatically. This is where the magickalbeings rely that we can't see, such as Dragons, fairies, angels, demons, nymphs, spirits, ect.Some people are led to believe that magick comes from the astral realm/plane, while others believe it comes from the Earth, but still there are others that believe that magick comes from both. It is your choice of what you belief.Now, within the astral realm is where one's magickal abilities are built. one may go into the astral realm and build it there personally or one may perform magickal within the physical world and have it build within the non-physical world: the astral realm automatically. However, as I've stated before: It's more powerful within that of the Astral Realm.There are many varying beliefs of what exactly the astral realm is. For instance, some people belief that it's the meeting point between Earth and Heaven, the astral spheres within within the stars that one goes through before birth and after death, ect.Now, before I tell you exactly how to travel into that of the astral realm/plane, I desire to warn you of the dangers that exist within. As stated above, there's a plethora of magickal beings within the astral realm/plane, both good and bad, similar to every living being within the physical world.The bad ones will attempt to inflict anything negative upon you while your within this specificplace, such as curses, bindings, stealing fragments of your soul, ect. This happens if you're in the wrong place at the wrong time. However, it's best to be prepared to enter it.Ways that you can prepare yourself before entering the non-physical world are1 cleasing your chakra 2grounding and centering 3 meditation 4 physical health 5 Experience The more experience one has, the better they'll be at it and 6Protection spells - This one should seem pretty obvious to you.One more note before we get into how to travel within that of the Astral Realm/Plane: When speaking about traveling within the Astral Realm/Plane, we say AP. The reason for this is (1) it's short for Astral Projection and (2) it confuses those know aren't involved within magick. For instance, I'm within AP (Advanced placement) classes, so they think that I'm speaking about the classes, when in truth I'm speaking about Astral Projection with my friendswho are also involved within magick at my school. (However, I do speak about my AP classes though. Lol)Now, onto how to AP There are many methods of how to AP. I'm going to give the one and easiest which worked for me also the rope technique Lay down on a flat surface (Preferably a bed) Imagine that there is a rope above you and you reach for it with your non-physical body. (You may do this with your eyes open, or through that of your third eye chakra. I myself perform this with the third eye, but one needs to open it, practice with it and cleanse it daily for it to be at it's best)Once your hand has a firm grip on the rope, you image that it is slowly pulling you up out of your body, until your completely out of it and look back at your body, so that you may tell yourself that this is o.k Some people have a natural talent to this, but if you don't you going to want to practice. Keep in mind and nothing achieved without hard work good luck
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Re: Astral Projection
Post # 5
Livinggod has said it all.I only want to say something about mantra.
Mantra worked for me .It helped me at my initial stage to Astral project. The mantra that works real good for me is Faraon
It is rendered thus :Faaaaaaaaaaaaa
This is rendered in a drawn out manner and repeated 3 or 5 times,then you to do it mentally until you feel lethargy. The moment you feel this paralysis you get up quietly and do little jump.If you are in the astral you will float atonce.
If you float you say "Divine father take me (any place you wish :3 dimension or the 5 dimension) and you will be there immediately.
Before this you relax properly in a bed face up,hands by the side.You will concentrate deeply without distraction.
Good luck.
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Re: Astral Projection
Post # 6
Easy enough, keep trying, don't take too many sleeping pills, get excited right before falling to sleep, this is very hard to do, I've only had one Out of Body experience and that was by accident, don't force it.
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