lust spells

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lust spells
Post # 1
Looking for easiest spells on lust
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Re: lust spells
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
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Re: lust spells
By: / Novice
Post # 3
The easiest lust spells? Let's see, keep in mind that when you do black ir any dark magick to make someone want to have sex with you, karma will get you. However if you and your partner are both willing and into this sort of thing, there are tons out there.

Disclaimer: I am only sharing my knoweledge with you for educational reasons, I do not reccomend doing any spell that would interfere with the free will of others

Lavender water: a potion for inducing sexual attention of opposite sex.

You mix about 18-20 drops of lavendar essential oil, with two cups of water and two ounces of distilled flavorless vodka. After you mix it together you can wear it on the body to induce lust.

Lust moon water:

You make moon water, which is just regular water in a mason jar purified with salt left overnight in a full moon (note:cannot touch sunlight)

Well if you have a jar, and put it under your bed while you make love (with someone or even mastuebation I would think) it is said to be a potent lust potion.

I personally wear just straight lavender oil on my body, it is said to be an aphodesiac as well as rose, chamomile, and clove essential oil.

Then there are the dirtier ones which I would NEVER reccomend doing. And they're only for girls.

Bloody love spell: it is said that if you make your desired one a drink (has to be dark colored) and put even the smallest drop of your menstrual blood in it, it makes them fall madly helplessly in love and lust with you.

And another nasty one:

Strawberry lust spell: if you make your desired one a pastry, such as a cupcake or something. It is said if you sleep with a strawberry in your.... you know where... overnight and then put it in the pastry, they will not be able to control their lust for you.

If you have any questions contact me.

Blessed be
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