Satanic workings

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Satanic workings
Post # 1
I want to drop down little about Satanic workings. By Satanic workings, I mean everything about Satanic practices :creating a charm inclusive.

When one desires to create Satanic talisman, it means you wish to work with Satan.In most cases you may be demanding the attention of Satan on certain request of yours.
Satan is a Being with intelligence. He is not string puppet ,graven image or anything of the sort.
So to work with satan requires getting to know Him.When you do that it is important you perform a dedication ritual to him.This ritual indicates your seriousness in working Him.
The result therefore, is an immediate establishment of deep relationship between you and him.His guidance follows.He will be attending to your requests and will also help you create potent charms and spells.
One other thing not to be forgotten is that satan is a Light bringer and so would show you things to do to be empowered. These are how you can open your chakras and all of your potentials.He doesn, t like weaklings.He takes pleasure in seeing humanity grow spiritually to face matters personally.
This is how one can perform Satanic magic that really works.
Picking up spells from sites without the connection and power in you is not encouraging.
Study,study,and study.
Hail satan.
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Re: Satanic workings
Post # 2
Oh,wow. I just wanted to praise you for the good explanation. There are many people out there who brag without knowing Satan. I just wish those new to satanism will reach to your thread so they could decide their path : devotion or surrender.

This is not only a lesson about satanism or magik,but about success in anything:the only way to succeed is to dedicate yourself to your goals.

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Re: Satanic workings
Post # 3
Thanks for your commendation.
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Re: Satanic workings
Post # 4
Indeed satanism is not for fun or for kicks. If they want that then watch Netflix. It takes years of devotion and study to just even meet lord Satan. I meet him only three times out of the five years I've been a theistic Satanist. Good post by the way Sat666. Cheers!
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