Juno associations

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Juno associations
Post # 1
Hello people! I was wondering if anybody could help me identify the colour, scent, imagery, etc associated with Juno. I've had such a hard time researching it, and i really want to get my altar set up. Any suggestions?
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Re: Juno associations
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 2
As Juno Regina was a queen, anything "queenly" for colour. Juno was not only martial at times, but also sexual; so scents such as Musk.
But, if you are honouring Juno, you should also honour Jupiter, her husband and brother.
And don't think of incest being frowned upon as it is in modern times. Before Christianity rose its ugly head, incest was considered quite normal. Pharaohs married their sisters. And brother/sister marriages were common in ancient times.
So, Jupiter and Juno were brother and sister, and also husband and wife.
I think you should dress your altar for both!
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Re: Juno associations
Post # 3
This thread has been moved to Misc Topics from Spiritual Creatures.
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Re: Juno associations
Post # 4

Sometimes it's hard to tell which God/desses like what. Most of the time what they like, They'll tell you or give signs. Some of it's based on UPG (personal experience) and you have to experiment on what they like; offering, colors, scents, images, ect.

Since the Roman Juno is basically parallel to the Greek Hera, I would start there. Colors that depict Her are normally a rosey peach color down to a pink. Her animal is mainly a peacock, and there's some myths behind that. If you're looking a picture that represents Her, you can print out something from Google Images and frame it for a starter altar, if you don't have much money to spend on a specific statue or a bust. I'm saying again, the things that I listed are based on personal experience and UPG. Experiment with what you think would go best. If Hera/Juno doesn't like it, you will know.

If you need anymore help, I will be happy to talk to you about it.

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Re: Juno associations
Post # 5
Thanks for the help guys! That gave me some good ideas, and I cant wait to set it up.
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Re: Juno associations
By: / Novice
Post # 6
Right,also according to Biblical writings incest was the only way,if we go by Adam and Eve were the first two people,from them their children would only have their siblings to sleep with
Years ago before cars,boats,trains etc,the next Family with a suitable mate may have been 9 days away,so incest was also a matter of convenience,Even in Modern Times Of Royal and Rich Blood they kept it in the Family to guarantee pure Blood..Vito Gambino of The Gambino Crime Family insisted of marrying cousins to keep the Blood Italian and Connected..And in the American south they still do it in record numbers in smaller towns.I don't believe in Incest and never had reasons to partake but I understand how people use to need it.
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