ICE please help me with t

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ICE please help me with t
Post # 1
P.a."ice"has,sincronistically,and,repeatedly shown,up,with,me.i,thibk,someone,is,trying,to,break me,up,from,my,boyfriend,but,even,though,they,maybe,trying,to,help,me,because,my,boyfriend,is,abusive.but,they,are,just,making,it,so,i,am,unable,to,go,either,fucking,way.please,help.this,is,so,annoying,and,frustrating.thankyou.sincerely,myshka.,tired,of,alterior,motive,,stupod.truly,believe,we,are,all,supposed,to,work,together,"break,the,ICE"&help,one,another.because,our,history,has,already,bern,full,of,hate,fear,sexism,and,persecution.thankyou,so,much,for,reading.thankyou,so,much.please,help.thankyou.sincerely,myshka
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Re: ICE please help me with t
Post # 2
Your post has atrocious grammar, so I'd recommend you try it again so we can easily read your question and help you.
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Re: ICE please help me with t
Post # 3
Can't understand spell grammatically correct
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Re: ICE please help me with t
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
This thread has been moved to Spell Suggestions from Other Spells Discussion.
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Re: ICE please help me with t
By: / Novice
Post # 5
There's not much grammatically terrible about the original post; the greatest issue is the lack of spaces, opting in stead for commas. I'll post the original later.

Myshka: By what way is ice showing up that you believe that it's synchronicity?

Also, if your boyfriend is abusive, you do need to leave. I'm not being judgmental; nobody should tolerate an abusive relationship.


Myshka's original post:
Hi, y'all. Thank you for reading. I am only wanting to help heal people and do energy healing and white magic. I am worried though that somebody keeps "freezing" me. Could you all please help me? Thank you. Sincerely, myshka.

P.S."ice" has sincronistically and repeatedly shown up with me. I think someone is trying to break me up from my boyfriend but even though they maybe trying to help me, because my boyfriend is abusive. But they are just making it so I am unable to go either [expletive redacted] way. Please help. This is so annoying and frustrating. Thank you. Sincerely, myshka.

P.s. so tired of alterior motive witchcraft. So stupid. Truly believe we are all supposed to work together, "break the ice," & help one another. Because our history has already been full of hate, fear, sexism, and persecution. thank you so much for reading. thank you so much. Please help. Thank you. Sincerely, myshka
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