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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Dreamweaver..??

Post # 1
I know this will probably be written off as "It's just your mind" very quickly, however I severely doubt that it is "Just my mind", so before you think I've been "watching too many movies" think outside your happy little bubble, okay?

Last year, a new girl moved into my school. She must have sensed, or generally knew that I practiced magic because on the first day she outright told me she was wiccan. Know, I don't know if anyone else heard, but she seems to be secretive about her religion, more so than I. If we skip to this year, I have a few classes with her, however something has been happening.

Within the past few months she seems to radiate more energy, more so around me. One of my friends who is also a wiccan has sensed no change while around her. Throughout the past months, I, specifically, have been getting very odd dreams. I can Lucid dream, however I can only do it with another witch around. However, these dreams are a point. Whenever I get them, they always feature her as the main point. She will be the brightest, clearest, most obvious character. The dreams play out, normally with me being able to 'control' them within certain parts, much like a video game. In one of the dreams, I distinctly remember seeing the veve for Elizi Freda on a dark pink-ish red curtain in a room.

All of the dreams are normally focused around us doing something; in one we were at a college to generally see what it was like, in another we were at a movie theatre and my cat showed up (Random, yes..), and in another we were at the school gym and I had to cheer her up after she had gotten bullied.

It's been very frequent recently,I have gotten two of these dreams within the past week, and my other Pagan and Wiccan friends seem to believe she may be toying with me through these dreams. One of my friends, however, believes she may be trying to tell me something, but is too scared to do it in person.
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Re: Dreamweaver..??
Post # 2
It is possible to sense others who practice magic in time as you can sense the energy used in spells practiced by others. This friend of yours and her radiating more energy could be her having a strong aura, which feels like she's radiating more energy.The dreams could be you being in-tune with her energy which causes the dreams, the more in-tune you are with your friends energy, the more frequent dreams are likely to be, but this is just a guess on my part
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Re: Dreamweaver..??
Post # 3
But here's the thing..we aren't close friends, we barely talk.
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Re: Dreamweaver..??
Post # 4
could be caused by a connection between you two,she could be sending energy to you causing this connection, this is just a guess
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