Deal With a Demon

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Deal With a Demon
Post # 1
i am a beginner on my path of Black magick and i was wondering how can I Make a deal with a demon i know a demon is a very powerful being I dont want to make a deal with a demon i am just wondering how can I

-Thank u
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Re: Deal With a Demon
By: / Novice
Post # 2
A beginner will never be able to make a deal
Study for a while,How would You summon the Demon?And make sure it does not take You over totally and permantly.
I'm going over some of the oldest Grimores I can get my eyes on
I too want to make a deal but mine is Faustian.
I want five years of peace of mind id love ten but I'd settle for 5
I want things that I lost back,I want my life back,They can have my soul or anything else in exchange.Most demons pacts are sort of exchange of knowledge for offerings. I want one of the Old Satanic deal that myths are made of.
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Re: Deal With a Demon
By: / Novice
Post # 3
Let's first remove the term demon, it is just not a reliable term to make. A demon is just a spirit which has been categorised by someone or a group of people as being anathema to their viewpoint in life.

You can make a deal or pact with any type of spirit. If we look at literature surrounding this it never involves selling your soul, usually an offering, sometimes carrying out a certain task in their name, worshipping them, or telling others of their power so that they may seek them out and revere them.

If you don't have fine tuned inner senses doing any magic involving spirits is utterly pointless, particularly evocation and pact making. First develop enough ability to commune with spirits, then call upon the certain spirit or ask for a spirit for the purpose you want fulfilling, this can be done in thousands of different ways, simply lighting a candle and praying could do the trick. Then await for the response, after this evocation may be plausible.
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Re: Deal With a Demon
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
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Re: Deal With a Demon
Post # 5
Unless you know how to summon one,dealing with any is not much of a choice.

I suggest you to avoid doing that,tho,as the prices they demand are quite inflated and exaggerated at times.

You may call possessions or souls taken hollywood stories,but some entities are just pretentious.

You may ask for their assistance without implying a deal. Come as friendly to spirits (be them of demonic nature too) and they will do friendly favours to you. Come in as a bussinessman and you will be surprised by the deal's conditions.
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