Successful Career Spell

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Successful Career Spell
Post # 1
Hey guys,

All the spell casters, what do you think about this spell to get a job/successful career?
Please let me know what you think. Feel free to give me any tips. I got it on this website.
Thank you!

Best done during a new moon, you will need a yellow pillar candle to represent yourself. Carve your birth date and name into the candle wax with a pin and place it in a holder. Dress the candle, if you wish, by rubbing it with High John the Conqueror oil.

The best thing about candle magic is it is one of the more simple magical arts to master.

You will need a white taper candle to represent each employer with whom you are interviewing or seeking an interview. If you can, get their personal business cards. Place one card under each candle holder to represent each potential employer, or write the name of your interviewer (or the company if you do not know who will interview you) on each of the white candles.

Place the yellow candle in the center. Surround it with the white candles. Meditate for a while on having your dream job?envision yourself getting up smiling, getting ready for work, at work conducting your duties. When you?re ready, light the yellow candle.

Hold onto the image of you working and doing a great job. As you do, chant:

My potential shines,
My confidence shows,
My abilities radiate,
As this candle glows.

Chanting will raise sufficient energy. When you feel you?ve held the image and chanted as long as you can, light each of the white candles from the yellow candle saying each time:
I am the brightest candidate;
You yearn for my light.

Allow the candles to burn until the white candles burn down and go out. Drip some of the yellow candle wax on the remnants of each white candles.

Blow out the yellow candles. Bury the remnants of white wax. Whenever you go on an interview, come home and light the yellow candle and chant for a while meditating on you having the job.
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Re: Successful Career Spell
By: / Novice
Post # 2
John is an Oil I use in almost all workings
The spell is good if you cast it properly
Also add a touch or two of your own ideas to make it fit you.
Od also change that cheesy Chang,you can invent a better one.
Best of luck and happy casting
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Re: Successful Career Spell
Post # 3
Thank you! Will do
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