Bad influence

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Bad influence
Post # 1
Can someone tell me, what's best about bad influence from someone I don't know or not sure, who he/she is? But this person seems to make my life to hell since a fiew years already. Thanks if somebody have an idea. I'm new here so I will be thankfull for every help.
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Re: Bad influence
Post # 2
The thing a bout bad infkunace is its some times giod not ib the way most thik but seeing is good becuse if you can see and reconise it it lets you under stand how not to fall in to it its a matter of rezisti the want to act apon it eather becuse of the nagative effects but at the same time sometimes the influnce is both bad and good it when the reword for the action is better then the problems it couse some times people need those to make choises and other times theirs a stigma behind the idea but doing so lets you juge for your self
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Re: Bad influence
By: / Novice
Post # 3
First you need to take a look at the people in your life. Which ones have let you down? Who are the people who ask you to do things your uncomfortable doing? Which ones lie to you, or make you feel bad about yourself?

Sometimes its hard to see who is on your side and who isn't. Its hard to understand why people are treating you in a certain way. It can be difficult to decifer who has your best interest. Take a step back and look at everything from a bigger perspective. Those with honest opinions (whether you want to hear it or not) that are backed up by facts, are normally the people who are trying to resolve something for you. Though it can be tricky to see through a plot that's already in play.

Use your best judgement. Only you know whats best for you in the end. Good luck.
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Re: Bad influence
Post # 4
Thanks Thetaia
I tried to find out with pendulum, but I'm not really good and don't trust it or better me with it. I found this way a person but it's hard to believe, even when there are some points, which could maybe match. The problem is, I've been let down so often in the last years, that I don't trust anyone anymore anyway.

Do you know a way, how I can get rid of this influence, even when I don't know the person for sure? Thanks for your help.
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