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Message Limit
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 1
I keep getting messages telling me that a member has had to open a new account as their "message limit has been reached".
I've been sending and receiving messages for ten years, often up to fifty a week, and I have never reached any "limit".
So the next time you reach a "limit", try this.
Go to your Default mail, and Delete all messages that are over a week old.
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Re: Message Limit
Post # 2

From my knowledge message limits can be reached through two methods. Most common is when a member sends a great deal of messages in a short time, such as when they're messaging two or three friends, or when the account has been gagged.

If you've reached a message limit, it takes anywhere from an hour to two for it to reset so long as you don't keep trying to send messages or the time will start over. If you've reached the limit due to a gagging, it's unlikely it will reset.

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Re: Message Limit
Post # 3
I do not understand how this could have happened.

I had my old account reach its limit and I am sure I have not been gagged as I have not posted anything that may have gotten me gagged nor on the forum,chat or in anyemail to a SoM user.

Yet it has reached its limit and even after deleting all of my mail and waiting for 5 days,it was still an issue.

I just gave up and created another account.

Could anyone explain me how did that happen?
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Re: Message Limit
Post # 4

Miss, go into your chat.

If the chat says "You are not allowed to chat!" or something similar you have been gagged.

If it doesn't say that, it means there is an issue with that particular account and I would mail Pet directly as it is a website issue. Make sure when you do that it is very, very clear and you use a subject title that will make it obvious, such as "Mail Issue" or "Mail Glitch". Then you will make a short explanation of what the issue is; don't drag it on, just say it and be done with it.

As for the number of mails in the Default mail, that makes no difference. I have almost 1300 mails in my mailbox and the oldest one is from May 19, 2013. I've never had an issue sending mail under this account as I don't send out large numbers of mails in a short period of time.

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Re: Message Limit
Post # 5
I did not use that account anymore so it has probably been deleted already.I was just looking for an explanation to how that has happened.

But thank you,this information may just prove useful for both me and anyone else reading this thread in the future.

Blessed be! ^.^
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