Cleansing Jewelry

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Cleansing Jewelry
Post # 1
This idea came to me while reading Scott Cunninghams 'Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs' the expanded and revised edition.

To Cleanse Second Hand Jewelry of old negative vibes.
Needed: -1 lemon (or half)
-1 white candle
-choice jewelry

Light the candle to begin the spell (mines anointed to purify and area).
Cut the lemon in half (or take the already half lemon) and squeeze the juice into the bowl declaring your intent, I call upon the purifying powers of the fruit.
Add your water to the bowl, requesting the elements help in the cleansing.
Dip the jewelry in the bowl and visualize the negativity fizzing out of the item. lift it out and re-dip, each time verbally casting the negativity away and calling in the positive energy into the item or any desired effects.
When done thank the divine and/or elements for their help and blow the candle out.

I tossed my water, mixture, and used lemon into my garden to return to the earth and let the item air dry. But that's me. Feel free to add or subtract from this spell.
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Re: Cleansing Jewelry
By: / Novice
Post # 2

Sounds good, and I adore Scott Cunninghams work but I must add that the acidity of lemon juice may have an adverse effect on some jewellery and stones (both cosmetic and prescious).

It is far easier and possibly safer for the items to simply pass them through smoke, or to put them through running water.

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Re: Cleansing Jewelry
By: / Novice
Post # 3

Running water can have the same issues as the lemon juice depending on which part of the world you're from not to mention rust and things. I avoid putting my jewelry into water and just pass it through smoke or polish it depending on the type of stone or metal.

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