Is 3rd eye opening?

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Is 3rd eye opening?

Is 3rd eye opening?
Post # 1
I have started to have vivid dreams everynight that I remember them for the rest of the day. I never did before in my life, except when I was young, and third eye was a bit opening... Two nights something happened, but I don't know if it is my imagination or something else.

So these two nights, I was laying in bed and I streched my self. When I did, it was like I was hearing voices in my head but I couldn't understand them. The voices didn't last more than a sec.and they were weak. I couldn't hear them cleary, but I knew it was something like voices. I think once I heard singing.
Today, I did the same and I heard a "boo" in my mind. It sounded clear, but less than a second again.

Just to make clear, I don't watch television, especially movies with ghosts and such, and also cartoons, because I don't like them. So it's not my imagination maybe.

I remember once as I was lying I said mentally that I was calling all the entities to my house, maybe that's how it happened?

Is my third eye awakening?
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Re: Is 3rd eye opening?
Post # 2
You third eye is not opening . Vivid i remember my dreams all the time it happens. Some people cant remember their dream either because they get less sleep sometimes thats the case. Hearing voices probaly probaly your subconscious mind. When your third eye oqen youll know. Your head will hurt,and youll have some other side effects .
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Re: Is 3rd eye opening?
Post # 3
Yeah but third eye offers more rememable dreams and vivid. Maybe yours was at better level. Everytime I was practising third eye awaking, that night I had dreams I could remember. If I didn't practise third eye awakening for a couple of days, these dreams stopped.

Why from my subconsious? How this happened?

The only time I got a headache and mostly at my third eye, was when I channeled a demon.
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Re: Is 3rd eye opening?
Post # 4

From my experience, I have never had to so call "activate my third eye" . I have seen spirits and they try to get my attention daily weither its from flickering the lights, knocking on walls,doors,cupboards, turning toys on, even to me smellig flowers in the dead of winter an cigar smoke.

I think it depends on the person. Some people need to awaken themselves well others are already intuned. I could be wrong though. This is just from my experiece.

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