Amulet/Talisman Energy?

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Amulet/Talisman Energy?
Post # 1
So, I recently got onto the store here at SoM. There were several amulets and talismans that looked interesting, but since I am unable to buy one (i'm 14), I have decided to try and make one on my own. I figure a handmade amulet/talisman would work better and would sharpen my magic skills. The problem is, how would I imbue an object with energy of a certain kind? I have read a spell on how to imbue an object with energy, but that energy doesn't have any specific power. For example, lets say I am trying to make an amulet of protection. How would I channel warding energy into my amulet? Thanks for any responses!
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Re: Amulet/Talisman Energy?
By: / Novice
Post # 2
This is not really a simple question with a simple answer because
Anything can really become a charged object of protection.
Figure out what would interest you,then Google or search the boards for your answers.
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Re: Amulet/Talisman Energy?
Post # 3

OO! My mentor/bestie has a spell on here for making protective amulets! It's called Akasha Protective Amulet. and it's super easy! Take a peek!

Hope I was help!


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Re: Amulet/Talisman Energy?
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
Charging an amulet/talisman isn't that hard. You really just channel some energy into the item while focusing on the intent. Your thoughts are what program it. This is why visualization is key with energy work like this. So you might imagine as the item repelling negative forces away from you or it surrounding you in a protective light if you plan to wear it.

You don't have to just charge the item at the end either. If you make the amulet/talisman from scratch, then you focus on the intent the whole time you make the item. When I work on one, I like to use oven bake clay. This way I can concentrate on the purpose from the very beginning. I pick a symbol or custom sigil that matches my purpose then after baking, I paint it in a color that corresponds to this purpose. I might even add in some essential oils to the paint. Then lastly, I will charge it by holding it in my hands while visualizing it working toward its end goal which by this point is hardly required since I've been giving it energy toward its purpose during its whole creation.
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