Water Curse Question

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Water Curse Question
Post # 1
There has been a family story of a curse laid upon my family. It consists of difficulties with water and has been (allegedly) fulfilled in myriad ways through the generations: inopportune rains, washing machines, water heaters, leaky pipes inside and outside, and others.

Stichomancy on the subject has revealed to avoid being racist and that the curse is a product of a trade for success.

Is it really within the realm of some magick practitioners to levy such a curse? If so, how can it be lifted?
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Re: Water Curse Question
By: / Novice
Post # 2
Theoretically yes, if you believe in curses, there's several degrees from a bit of bad luck to generational curses. You could to a cleansing and protection. [Theres many to choose from, but you might need to recast a few times if it's generational] if you know who or what started it there might be something specific you need to do. [Example, someone gave you a cursed object, you need to cleanse the object. An ancestor wronged the caster, make amends to the person's family in some way] one major point, many curses either aren't really cast, or faded away a long time ago, but the person is so afraid, they keep blaming the curse and recurse themselves. Once you cleanse and protect, go with 'ignorance is bliss' and don't think of any curse. Fill your house with positive energy and don't think of or mention any curse. If you cleanse and then it rains the next day, don't go 'oh no it failed!' Because you are inviting the negative energy back. Accept weather changes, and it rained.
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Re: Water Curse Question
Post # 3
Well, according to family sources, the curse is around 100 years old, and I have no idea how to contact the family. I like how you bring up rejecting negative energy. I'll definitely do that.

Which cleansing ritual do you suggest? I'm getting better at the Lesser Banishing Ritual of The Pentagram, but that's all I know. Is that even a cleansing ritual?
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Re: Water Curse Question
Post # 4
If watter aroud you couses you truble use it to your avantage if its on your whole famley find momets ware maby something watter related mite work to your avantage like say you need a new washer or fell like updating a applince if you know your cursed to brake it but you want a new washer use it and let it brake now you got a new one and let some one use it for you its just a exzample curses can be turned to avantages its balance anf finding that but you hafe to find a way your self to use it to your avantage
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