Blood spells

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Blood spells
Post # 1
Are spells that cost some blood stronger than others just wondering
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Re: Blood spells
By: / Novice
Post # 2
Not really. It infuses the spell with your own energy and personalizes it more for the person who needs the spell in question. If you cast a spell for someone else, using your own blood won't help the spell. Always use the blood of the person who the spell is for. Except for certain love spells, you can use your own and not the targets and it will be fine. [Be creepy if you stabbed your crush, if you are ok with that, just talk to them instead]
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Re: Blood spells
Post # 3
Why would blood be required? An effective use of energy and focus should bring the same result. Using the energy within you and depending on the path your follow assistance of whoever you folow the use of.blood should be uncessary. Not that blood bothers me, but my understanding of what blood was thought to be and used for in ancient times and what it has come to mean and be used for in modern times is no longer the same. So if going by modern definition blood would be uncessary.
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Re: Blood spells
Post # 4
Blood use shows your willing to couse pain put in a part of your self and will go to aney possabilaty beacuse you want it to work its just taking it a step forther it dosent realley increases it in the manner of not of being a offaring but when you use blood it puts the felling that your putting in your all their other ways other then blood but for a start in tell you learn to control those other ways its a good way to make you fell your putting more in to it thow it is a good medum for writing its like your owen mark
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