Inviting a ghost/demon

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Inviting a ghost/demon
Post # 1
I am looking for a way to invite a friendly ghost or demon to my house and have it as best friend, or brother/sister.

Since I said friendly I must know what is friendly. But since I can't meet them personally, I would like to make clear during the ritual that only friendly spirits are welcome. I also want this spirit to help me to some things but only as a brother, sister or best friend.

Also, I need a banishing ritual if I want to banish the spirit. But I don't want then the spirit to be mad at me at all.

Please NO answers like "This is too dangerous, you will get haunted and in big trouble" or "It's not a good idea, do you know the dangers of it?"..because they REALLY piss me off, and I don't have the time and day for this kinds of answers!
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Re: Inviting a ghost/demon
By: / Novice
Post # 2
You can build a relationship with a spirit through your own personal gnosis, though it is based entirely on belief.

Many will tell you it is better to call a specific entity, though again that comes down to belief.

You can also explore via the astral, if that is something you practice, to meet aa variety. Ask for a name or symbol to use, and permission to call them later.

My own advice is to learn whatever banishing ritual(s) fitting to your path, first. Know them well. At the very least, while beginning this endeavor, use what protective circles you do according to thw tradition you follow. It will be a lot easier to contain and banish.

After some time, you might invite an entity to accompany you outside the circle. Again, given time.

As far as being a best friend or like a sibbling, that may vary. But many will tell you that you can build a relationship.
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Re: Inviting a ghost/demon
Post # 3
It is not possible (or better said not public knowed),
if we were able to perform it, every person (most of them) would have ghost friend.
And demons represent bad/evil spirits/creatures i dont think that you want one of those.
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