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Need Some Advice/Help !
Post # 1

So Im starting to get into magick and have read some books , along with a few books about tartot cards, divination, numberology, astrology the list goes on. The books I have read on magick just explain how it works, what magick can and can not do, the history of magick, meditation,shielding,grounding. I have yet to read a book that shows or explains how to do/use spells/rituals/magick, When I should perform them for the best possible outcome and so fourth.

So with this being said, Im wondering if there are any good books/websites/youtube videos that can educate me on how to perform proper spells, how to use magick and when to use it for the best possibe outcome.

again thank you to all and everyone who have read and replied to this fourum,

I hope your day is filled with many blessing an enjoyment!

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Re: Need Some Advice/Help !
Post # 2

What kind of spells are you hoping to cast? What do you consider "proper"?

A lot of books aimed at beginners often won't go into detail about casting partly because there are so many different types of spells and traditions. For some, such as the golden dawn practitioners, "proper" spell casting is heavily ritualistic. For others, it can be as simple as cooking or thinking. Certain traditions, like Wicca, preform specific rituals at specific times (such as the rites surrounding the solstices or at the full moon). Others are less concerned with timing or seasons. A lot depends on what you're interested in.

If you're looking for general advice, I liked City Magick by Christopher Penczakm since it was focused on the practical aspects of trying to work magic in the city but it caters mostly to Wiccans so won't really help if you're interested in Kemeticism or something more unusual. I'd also suggest the articles on here. A lot of them have some really good advice.

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Re: Need Some Advice/Help !
Post # 3

I'm just trying to learn how to cast spells in general and make magick work for me as well as help others. The kind of spells would vary especially if Aim wanting to help others. So if I have to draw a circle, or chant something before a spell. Light incense. meditate, I want to make sure what I am doing is right an correct . I want to know if there are any websites/books/documentary that shows or tells you how to do these spells/magick. Like a guide of sorts. I say this because again the majority of the books I have read never talk about what spells are good to use/how to cast./what to do/whens a good time to cast/what you should do before casting ext.

I also maybe shouldn't have used the term "proper" because every ones beliefs are different and it all depends on what type of magick you are working with because there are so many. Plus the very last thing I want to do is offend anyone.

I guess I should do a bit more research on all the different types of magic plus the magick paths there associated with. Then after that figure out what interests me out of those.

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Re: Need Some Advice/Help !
Post # 4
Modern Magick Twelve lessons in the high magickal arts by Donald Michael Kraig. Or you may download a PDF file of it, Modern Magick Eleven lessons in the high magickal arts by Donal Michael Kraig. This book can clear all your problem related to outcome.
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Re: Need Some Advice/Help !
Post # 5

thank you so much :)!

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