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Path/Magick Research Help
Post # 1

I have two questions I need help with that maybe you can all help me with.

The first one is I would love to get into magick. I have done some reading on what magick can and can not do. I also do some divination/meditation and have read into grounding an shielding. Upon my research I have came across different types of magic. Included but not limited to:animism , binding, black magick, candle magick, contagious magick, elemental magick, geomancy , hermetic qabalah, necromancy ext . I was wondering if anyone can help me with a website that has a list of these so I may research them individually and figure out which ones are worth studying and developing.

My second question is about paths. Maybe I am just getting my terminology hear a little messed up but when I use the Google search engine I cannot seem to come across a list of paths that I can research individually. I think this maybe because I am using the wrong words/terminology. I tried searching ( Different paths in magick / Paths in magick among a few others and nothing) . I just really want to find a website with a list of all the different paths people follow while practicing magick so again I can research them individually.

thank you to all who have read and replied in advanced and goodluck !

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Re: Path/Magick Research Help
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
For the first question: I often use google and search terms. If you type in animism you will get about 628,000 results; geomancy returns 495,000. Now most of those are likely to be redundant links, some will be bad information, others will be helpful. I have often started with definitions or an encyclopedia to see if that helps me to understand what I am looking for better.

Second: there is a post on this forum called Different paths that has a list of many of the paths in magic. You could also try googling magic traditions.

I suggest looking at, it has many good articles.
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Re: Path/Magick Research Help
Post # 3

thank you very much, ill definetly take everything you said into consideration ! :) !

if anybody else has any other good technigues/websites/books/documetaries please by all means let me know!

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Re: Path/Magick Research Help
By: / Novice
Post # 4
Sacredtexts website can keep you busy for years
It has for me,Many paths and topics
Old Grimores and spell books etc
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Re: Path/Magick Research Help
Post # 5

I do go on there,

but havent got a clue what books are good/reliable for what im searcing for !

thanks thought :) ! Ill just look deeper i guess,

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