need short term guidance

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Forums -> Wicca -> need short term guidance

need short term guidance
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
let me start off by saying I know the Goddess. I've felt her. I know she is real...

but recently I've lost faith. I don't want to talk about exactly what and how it happened (it's just embarrassing and still kind of painful) but something happened to me and I have lost faith.

I don't feel anything when I pray anymore. I don't feel Her laughter, the other spirits and goddesses I honor I've neglected.

I feel I've made them angry.

I've lost my passion, my zeal; the energies I once felt swirling all around me are gone. I'm not sensitive to any sort of entities anymore.

I don't want to abandon this path. I really don't. It's just that everything's been dead in a sense. I ignored the esbats. I missed Yule. All the beauty and everything, it's just been missing.

How do I reconnect with my deities? How do I rekindle my faith?
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Re: need short term guidance
By: / Novice
Post # 2

To me, it kind of sounds like you are suffering from depression, not that I can diagnose. Maybe you should work on that first.

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Re: need short term guidance
By: / Novice
Post # 3
Well it depends on what happened. [You don't have to say] if it was something negative you could be setting up a mental barrier, in an attempt to protect yourself from bad memories or energies you've shut the door on your deities as well. You feel they're mad at you, I doubt this is the case, but your fear is probably what's causing this block. Perhaps spend this time and do a big cleansing of yourself and your space [perhaps go through your stuff and declutter] meditate, journal, and reflect. Don't focus on jumping right back into the way things were, take this time to heal your spirit. You could set up an altar and leave offerings, meditate before it, or pray, but don't push it. Use it as a way to welcome the Goddess back.

The full moon is in 2 days, don't worry about a circle, instead, take a walk in the moonlight, no music or other people, just relax and feel the world around you. You could also try a rededication at Imbolc if you feel up to it at that point.

Another possibility could be your journey with that specific deity has ended and you will meet a new God or Goddess who will teach you further. I've heard a few people say that.
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Re: need short term guidance
Post # 4
Excellent advice,you are no "novice"
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