a new idea for coven

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a new idea for coven
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My views on spells that arnt a manastation on gods but it is the raw emotion i beleve in the inbetween something you cant say a name for becuse to give it name gives it meaning but it both exzist and dosent at the same time i call it the apiffaney a inbetween a understanding of ideas see their are view points accepting them all between conflicting ideas and accepinng both of them
i have found a way to accept everey thing for being that but still keeping my ideas so it gives meaning but wonders why you need that so it i a endless conterdiction of ideas and harnasing the power of it lets you read in to souls and ideas of others and understand that by knowing nothing you know evereything and by knowing everey thing you know nothing becuse now their is nothing to know why do we want to know and its a endless cycle with no end understanding yet humen nature wants to know what events led to that reaction or event i beleve the uinverse is this cycle it is deatroyed then recreates it mite have endless ways to be recreated but are realaty will be reset the same way and reincarnate in a ammount of time we couldent comparhand its a endless cycle and i wish to seek a inbetween ideas its and try to understand the onley constent are matter and energy we can bend this matter such as the tools around us the meterals we buld with and we can use this energy such as electricty to power are homes or mind to trigger the events we want but at the same time are we triggering events or they just a repetive cycle and knowing this maby are actions are all predetermed maby their not or we just want to think they arnt its a endless conterdiction my
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Re: a new idea for coven
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
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