Making effective spells

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Making effective spells
Post # 1
I'm interested to know if the spells would become more effective if they were translated into latin language since thats how they were cast in the early times?
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Re: Making effective spells
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
no, here are my beliefs why
First, there is no proof magic started in latin speaking areas.
Second, highly doubtful the average village witch in most places know latin
Third, words have power regardless of which language they are said in.
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Re: Making effective spells
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 3

I agree with Nord.

I doubt the Folk Charms from places around the world would've been written in Latin, do you really think a Brazilian Magic practitioner or even a Chinese practitioner took the time to learn Latin just to write out their folk spells? Also most people can't write Latin properly, or say it properly, and with magic you need to be specific. You need to know what you're saying, what you're asking for and if you're tripping over words in a language you're not fluent're going to wind up losing your focus because you're too busy with the words.

Anything that is written in Latin is specific to early Italy and some places in Europe that have still carried the language, ideas and beliefs forced upon them by the Roman Empire - or what they learnt from travelers, merchants etc that wandered Europe.

However, there is a lot of belief around Latin in modern day magic because of TV Shows, Movies, Books etc. Latin is an easy language to bastardize and write incorrectly because you have online translators that can spew it out for you, also, a lot of Latin Incantations I have read, are gramamtically incorrect because it was done with a translator that can't change English Grammar into Latin Grammar, and vice versa.

How to make spells more effective though?Here are a few examples. Put yourself into it, if you're doing a love spell, go out and find love. If you're doing a 'Contact me spell' leave yourself open to contact and respond when contact is made, weight loss spell? Actually try and lose weight, exercise, eat right.

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Re: Making effective spells
By: / Novice
Post # 4
Weather is right, and just to add to it: It will only be effective if you truly believe it will be. You will get no result if you are doubting yourself.

Also, I have always found that writing my own spells, therefore putting myself into it more, was the most effective way for me.
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Re: Making effective spells
Post # 5
I find that spells, are really just a method of "putting yourself into it."

Dance, song, etc, are other methods of putting yourself into something. Ideas, such as healing, are hard to put yourself into when you really don't know what to do.

A dance, song, spell, etc, are a catalyst to connect your intention to your idea.

In my humble opinion, magic is influence. A smile, a kiss, etc, can be magic. They can change things, heal, give hope, give comfort, etc. Someone can exercise strong magic in a smile, a word, dance, etc.

Part of what magic, as we like to think of the term, is to influence elements not exactly human. Such things might be animal communication, healing plants, healing people, influence over external events, etc. (I love this word, "etc" by the way.)

Magic is really about communication. Communicating to the trees, rocks, animals, spirit, etc, is based upon the idea that these things are actually alive and are capable of hearing and responding.

But the language we use. . . . is mostly spirit and emotion. Thus, effectiveness is about the dept of connection.

I believe that life is written right into the laws of universe. I believe that "truth" is actually alive, and thus creates living beings when giving opportunity. And not only that, the truth tends and seeks to create opportunity for life.

Communicating with the universe is possible through deeper connection to our own elements of existence. Our feelings, (emotions) are deeper, more real, and a more true form of ourselves. Herein lies effective magic. Our emotions (energy in motion) give shape and form to our existence. Our emotions define and predict our behavior. Our emotions are like electrical/chemical elements that the universe responds and reacts to.

So in a very really way, we don't actually change the universe, but rather, we change how the universe reacts to us. The universe is a set of rules and laws that we cannot change. However, it reacts to us, just like gasoline reacts to a flame. How it reacts to us. . . . there in lies the magic.

Depending upon what we are. . . . the universe reacts to us. So the change that we seek to make, or the influence we want to apply. . . is to ourselves.

We attract or repel things based upon our own energetic configuration. Radio Frequency is a good analogy of this. Two different channels, playing completely different messages can exist in the same space completely oblivious of each other. Depending upon what we are tuned into, we both influence others things in the realm and are influenced by things in that realm.

A fearful, hateful state of mind will cause the universe to react in a specific way.

We cannot really change things as much as change ourselves. Faith and belief are a fundamental power, but are elements that "we have and are."

Effective magic is more about expression of self. When we doubt ourselves, the universe reacts accordingly. So effectiveness is about, "getting in touch with your deeper reality." Your emotions. Not surface or simulated emotions, but the deeper stuff. . . . . most of which we fear and seek to hide.
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