Dreams interpretation

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Dreams interpretation
Post # 1
So I have a few dreams I would like to be explained please.

This one was recently. I saw I got in a magic circle and I was listening a voice talking to me, but when I was out I wasn't able to hear that voice. One other possibility is that I may was not in the circle and another person was.

This is one was happening a lot when I was younger. I was walking to a rock, the height was Really high. I was walking and down of the rock, at this huge height, there was a sea. And I was just jumping from the rock to the sea. As I was falling the sensations were scary. I remember my breath was like stopping and wasn't able to breath. When I was falling into the sea I was waking up.

I saw this no longer than one-two months. First I was at a forest and as I was walking, I was falling down. It had a downhill.

Then I was again at a forest, but it was different. More mysticisit, mystirious and more peacefull. There was a REALLY steep downhill so I felt. I then got to a white layer and was jumping up and down. After a while, a huge trailer was coming towards me with scary noise. I then immediatly got off the layer and was walking sidewords at the grass, barefoot. I was walking to right. The trailer passed in front of me, and as it was passing a black man was looking at me and then smiled and his teeth were really white! Then I woke up.

Can anyone please help me to these three dreams?
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Re: Dreams interpretation
Post # 2
Going downhill and the sea are both signs of subconscious desires and wishes coming to the conscious mind. It is not uncommon to wake up after jumping into the sea because your conscious mind does not want those subconscious wishes and desires.
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