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Post # 1
Ive seen shapeshifting spells around the site, and i was wondering if shapeshifting is real. Some people say its not possible, but is it?

Re: Shapeshifting?
Post # 2
No shapeshifting isnt possible you just cant do it

Re: Shapeshifting?
Post # 3
Okay thanks :)

Re: Shapeshifting?
Post # 4
Here's the thing with shape-shifting. It's not physical.

You are human, and will always be human. You cannot change your physical shape to that of a wolf.

For one, magico-practices don't break the laws of physics. In the case of shape-shifting this would be things like; conversion of mass, cell programming, instantaneous DNA rewritting, the heat generated by a shape-shift killing the person, the amount of calories required, body going into shock, etc.

Now shape-shifting is referring to out of body practices in the form of an animal, or taking an aspect or animal spirit into yourself. Those are common in shamanic practices and European cunningcraft and witchcraft. Look into those practices.

Re: Shapeshifting?
By: / Novice
Post # 5
As mentioned above it's not physically possible. Some people do claim they can transform in the astral plane, so perhaps research astral projection.

Re: Shapeshifting?
Post # 6
Please do not listen to people who tell you what you can and can not do. Shapeshifting is possible. In a messed up impossible, magical and weird universe that is physically impossible but still is here, why not? I know my opinion is unpopular, but 200 years ago, people look at us weird for thinking cell phones could ever exist.

Re: Shapeshifting?
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 7
Wishfulwolf, there are many things now, that did not exist 200 years ago. But think for a moment. You can take a cell phone apart, into all its many pieces. It is then possible to reassemble all the parts back into a cell phone. You can do that with any mechanical object. But what you are saying is that you can take all those parts and turn into,say, an aeroplane. Do you think that's possible?
Because that is what shapeshifting would have to do! It would have to take an animal (and we are animals) and break it up into all its tiny parts,and reassemble them into something else.
Do you think that would be as easy as reassembling a cell phone? Or would the animal be dead?
We are supposed to be intelligent animals. So, use that intelligence; and accept that some events are impossible.

Re: Shapeshifting?
Post # 8
Why can't it be possible to physically shift though? I mean i understand what your saying but magick really can have physical effects on the world around you. Shifting might not exactly be growing fangs and a tail ( assuming your talking about shifting into a wolf) but there are supposedly some forms of shifting with heightened senses ect. I personally believe that this is a result of taking the spirit or essence of the wolf to heart and manifesting its energy into the real world.

Re: Shapeshifting?
Post # 9
From what i have been reading, it seems that people have different opinions. Question is, have you ever tried a Shapeshifting spell to know if its real? I can not do any spells yet, but if i could i would try the spell to see if it works. Ive been doing a little research into Shapeshifting to see what people's opinions are. Some spells will probably not work at all because, well, there just made up. But there has to be real spells that do work so, Why not try the impossible?

Re: Shapeshifting?
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 10
MadCat, if you heard of a spell to make you fly. Without any wings. Like Superman. Would you try that spell and jump of the roof? If you cast a spell that allows you to walk through brick walls, would you run at the wall, head down?
Of course you would not! You do not have to try it to know that it is impossible!
The human animal cannot be changed into another animal. Only children would think it possible.

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