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Post # 1
I am really interested in working with the Fae and I have a few questions.
Can we actually see them? If we can't, then how do we feel their presence? What do they prefer as an offering? Any response will be appreciated.

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Re: Fae
By: / Novice
Post # 2

-Some people claim to have seen them but people claim to see a lot of things. I have never seen them nor do I know anybody trustworthy who says they have seen them so I would say probably not.

-Again from personal experience, people tend to feel their presence in much the same way they feel the presence of other spirits or they don't feel their presence at all but see the effects.

-Traditionally, a saucer of milk was a popular offering. I've heard of others leaving honey or bread as well. Occasionally, people offer flowers or coins but that seems to be a little unusual. In old stories about the fairies, kindness to others (either directly to the fairies themselves or to other people) is usually something the fairies like. In general though the fae can be quick tricky. Leaving offers are no guarantee of anything.

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Re: Fae
Post # 3
> "Can we actually see them?"

From a folklore perspective, yes. It's called the second sight in European folklore, allowing one to see one or more fairies.

Also fairies can and do make themselves visible, often as an incorporeal form.

> "If we can't, then how do we feel their presence?"

There are other ways of feeling than visuals. Scents, sounds, feelings, hedge-crossing and other out of body expirences, even divination.

> "What do they prefer as an offering?"

Depends on the type of fairy it is. It is important to remember that the term fairy is synonymous with spirit. They are not a unified class of beings, but rather spirits. They can be spirits of the dead or spirits that have never had flesh. They can be simple wights of a plant, the spirit of a region, personifications of seasons, gods even.

Typically though, milk and honey, or bread often is left for them.
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Re: Fae
Post # 4
Thank you for your help.
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Re: Fae
Post # 5
Some fae can mimic themselves to look like humans. They usually look very pretty like they are out of this world pretty.
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Re: Fae
Post # 6
I see fae all the time, as well as spirits. Lots of people do not believe or doubt they're existence. They are in fact real beings. They are like energy. They live on the astral plane and come to earth whenever the Vail is at its thinnest at certain times in the day. They may choose to come to you themselves, I see them since I'm very young or you can summon them. Be careful though. I warn you. Some can be extremely grotesque and ugly looking and very mean. Dont offend them. I once had a mark on my ankle from a fae biting me. They love milk and honey or honey or sugar on bread. You can attract them with music, especially ballads and folk music. Dance as much as possible. Sing or talk to trees and the moon :) mail me if you have questions
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