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Forums -> Comments -> Christmas

By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 1
What, exactly, is Christmas?
A Christian would say it is the birthday of Jesus;December 25. A Pagan may say it is the feast day of the Roman God,Mithras.
Some would say it is the twelve days of Yuletide!
To a child, it is joy! To the adult, a feast of food and drink.
So, it has many names, many definitions, but what is it exactly?
If you really try, you will feel it!
Go outside, early on Christmas morning.Stand with your eyes closed. Do you feel it?
THe very air is "charged" with it. A "stillness". It seems that there is no wind.No birds sing. You feel that you are completely alone in the Universe.
And that "feeling" will be the same for Christian,Jew,Muslim, or Pagan. It is "something in the air". An "atmosphere". Is it, "the spirit" of Christmas?
As an old man, and having lived through many Christmases, I know what it is.
It is Shalom! It is Salaam! It is there for everybody to read, in The Holy Bible,in The Holy Koran, in the Talmud.
It is "Peace".
"Peace on Earth, and Goodwill to all Mankind", and remember what Christmas really is.
We tend to forget the real meaning of Christmas. So, go outside, and take a deep breath on Christmas morning, and just for a moment, forget the "festivities".
So, whatever it means to you, I wish all our members a Happy Christmas!
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Re: Christmas
Post # 2
Happy holidays to you too!
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Re: Christmas
Post # 3
To me, it is a time of year that, despite past grudges that may have been held, despite past differences that may yet to be settled, is a time of year for all to enjoy, with friend, family, and foe, all alike. A time for gifts to be given, not for the simple sake of material give or take, but as trade of symbols of happiness, loyalty and devotion amongst our fellows. To me, it means a time where we get a chance, one that only comes once a year, to see what the world could be like if it were at peace. That is Christmas to me.
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Re: Christmas
Post # 4
Merry Christmas to Brysing, and Merry Christmas to all.
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Re: Christmas
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 5
And a Happy and Prosperous New year!
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Re: Christmas
Post # 6

couldn't have said it better myself happy xmas to whoever is reading this.

what's everyone's plans for xmas? i.e time with the family, visiting in laws etc

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