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Do the work
Post # 1
If you want to grow in your path you MUST be willing to do the work. There are NO short cuts. You must meditate regularly and practice what ever skills you want to learn. There are lots of books out there. And there is a online free book site called that you can download the entire book on your laptop. they have alot of pagan/wicccan books. If you do a google search you might even find a free class or two. It has been my pleasure to be a part of this site(on and off) and religion for 10 years now. Nothing is given to you. No one gave us a fast pass to enlightenment, or gave us a witches badge at our first go. Every single one of the adults here choose to put forth the time and energy to perfect our craft. And we are always growing and changing so the learning never does stop. We are here to help and advise you. But the work you must do on your own. And if an adult tells you your not ready for a type of study chances are they are right. We have been doing this for years longer than many of you. so take a step back explore something different. take the baby steps necessary to really learn and grow. I PROMISE You will not regret it. Many blessings to all.
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Re: Do the work
By: / Novice
Post # 2
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Re: Do the work
Post # 3
You are right in that learning magic requires effort and that most people aren't willing to spoonfeed newbies. Thank you for the link to the ebook site as well. Where I disagree is that adults know best. People should study whatever interests them, however they might not necessarily be ready to practice it. It takes discipline and persistence.

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Re: Do the work
Post # 4
Doing the work and spending the energy on practicing magick is what separates the armchair magician from the true magician.

It's also what separates the cardboard spirituality from the gnosis seeker.
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