Why are you here?

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Forums -> General Info -> Why are you here?

Why are you here?
Post # 1
Greetings to you!
I want to use this medium to thank the moderator of this site for this wonderful opportunity and freewill of service rendered to all of us that have benefited in one way or the other from this site without paying a dime.

But frankly speaking, I wonder why some people here found it difficult to assist someone or answer certain questions from another.
Report reaching to me from other members says that most people here do ignore other's questions and inquiries.

We are like one family here and should help ourselves in our own capacities. You have benefitted from other people's ideas, knowledge, wisdom and gifts but you found it hard to render a common assistance to others.
Let's know why we are here-not only to be HELPED but to as well HELP.

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Re: Why are you here?
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 2
The questions most likely to go unanswered are fantasy questions; such as "How do I become a vampire?"
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Re: Why are you here?
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 3
We also read Profiles. Yours states that Black magic originated in Africa! Really? Do you mean Egypt? Or Morocco? Nigeria? Angora?
Where in Africa, exactly?
When you write things like that, can you wonder that you will be ignored?
But you are welcome to the site. Just be careful what you write, and what you claim!
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Re: Why are you here?
Post # 4
Unfortunately, some members think it is a good idea to mail or ask a bunch of people for lengthy explanations that they could find more quickly by googling. The internet isn't right about everything same as the people here. Often times, people are more inclined to help someone if they took time to research the topic first.

For example, someone could ask in chat: "How do I meditate?" or "How do I astral project?" This means other members are being asked to stop their current conversation and take a lot of their time to answer newbie questions that have already been answered numerous other places.

For a second example, If a person posted in the forums and said "I've been reading about and trying different astral projection techniques but still can't get my subtle body to separate. Do any of you have suggestions for what I try?" (also more details about what that person was trying would be good)

Chat is not the best place for teaching, and many don't come into chat wanting to teach. Before asking questions like in the first example, members should look through the forums to see if it has been explained. The second is more respectful because it shows the asker put time into finding a solution herself rather than expecting spoon feeding from other members
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Re: Why are you here?
Post # 5

I'm fairly new to this site, but I've not noticed any of the ignoring you mentioned. It's interesting people have reported those things to you. I didn't realise you were someone to make complaints to. How did they know? :)
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Re: Why are you here?
By: / Novice
Post # 6
I receive a decent number of emails,I answer almost all of them
I do ignore some,I ignore emails I find,childish,foolish,Stupid
Or mean.Anyone sending a respected styled email will get a replica it's something im not learned in I'll say it's to advanced for me currently or simply not a topic of interest for me.
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