The 3 point test

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The 3 point test
Post # 1
Welcome to my post, put basically, I have made a small and simple test to help people learn about what spells are real and which are fake, and yes, you can also say fluffed, I just prefer not to. Now Let us get started.

1. Common sense: Does the spell have some common sense to it? For instance, does it say it will make you physically fly or grow wings? Simply saying words and clapping your hands cannot make these happen. If any spells have the basic common sense, then it gets 1 point.

2. Are the results realistic: For instance, a spell that says it will increase your chances of finding a few cents in quarters or just pennies, this is realistic as you can commonly find those, all the spell does is increase your odds a small bit of finding them. If a spell says it will guarantee you will find a million dollars is more than likely fake. If any spells have results that are realistic, it gets 1 point.

3. What section is the spell in and how much knowledge of magic does the creator have: I feel both of these are just as important, so let me explain both. First, you should look at the section it is in, because if it is in fantasy, it is more than likely fake, or if it is in a section that has a reputation for having fake spells posted there, it is likely fake. Now, I wouldn't recommend mailing every author of every spell you try, however, it is a good idea to check the forum activity of the person who posted the spell to see if they know what they are talking about, if they have a forum history, if their spell seems sketchy or made up in some way. This will not always apply, which is why I also recommend checking the reputation of the section they posted the spell in, or if their spell had been moved. If the original poster seems to have an idea of what they are talking about, than the spell gets 1 more point.

If any spell meets all criteria and has recieved all 3 points then the spell is very likely real. Remember, most importantly, use common sense to spot spells that are obviously fake, but if one seems legitamate and you aren't sure, try using this test to help you out. It is not always fool-proof, but I find it gets the job done more than enough times. Hope this helps those newer members who may have problems understanding the difference between fake and real spells. Thanks for reading, and good luck in all your endeavors.
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