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Forums -> Misc Topics -> psychedelics?

Post # 1
I have a question as to the practice of meditation and experiences while on psychedelics . Is it accepted as a boost to your practices ? Do yall believe the auras and visuals and closed eyed visuals as relevant to any readings, spells, etc I'm curious as to the effects on the gifted with abilities if it amplifys your magic practices
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Re: psychedelics?
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 2
Well, first of all, drugs are a definite No-No!
Meditation and Visualizing often go together. The aim of meditation is to allow the subconscious to "take over", and during that process a person would often "see things" happening.
Before every performance I would spend half an hour in my dressing room meditating and visualizing myself on-stage. "Seeing" the reaction of the audience gave me the confidence for a good performance. It always worked!
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Re: psychedelics?
By: / Novice
Post # 3
I read a book once that detailed the history of meditation in the western world. It was big in the 60's because they claimed taking some psychedelic drugs and meditating sends you on a crazy trip. It had nothing to do with magick or spirituality, just as another way to experience a high. [Of course, that's just one book, I haven't looked into that any further.] And I do have a friend who whenever we've tried a guided meditation with we've discovered he was high, and he claimed it was a 'trippy experience'. So you can if you want [but I advise against drug use]

Personally no, different types of meditation is for different things, but the main goal is to relax and get in touch with yourself. It's kind of hard when you're high. Again, I'm a square that's never used drugs but from what my teachers and after school specials have taught me, most drugs are an escape and make focus difficult. If you plan to take drugs to help you with some aura work or meditation, kind of hard when your senses are dulled.
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Re: psychedelics?
Post # 4
The Indian Sadhu's use marijuana for the purposes of helping them meditate better.
Ayahuasca, a plant that is used to heal the body, mind and soul has been used in South America for thousands of years.
Man-made drugs like cocaine and heroine are bad.
But natural plants/herbs/fungi like marijuana, magic mushrooms and ayahuasca are helpful on a spiritual journey if you use them properly and use it in moderation.

Sadhu's and Marijuana:
Ayahuasca Documentary:
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Re: psychedelics?
Post # 5
Thank you guys ! I'm only curious from reading up on "enlightenment" from reports people claim to grasp a better understanding of how the world works and that they feel that they unlock secrets of the mind, and powers from within by using psychedelics. I'm unsure of what to think of this also I do not encourage the use of any drug nor do I plan to take any in the near future I also wonder if stronger hallucinations caused by a stronger psych such as DMT is any way related to the "unseen other beings a medium may see maybe there's some connection to a hallucination and the things a medium may see or feel
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