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Broom invitation
Post # 1
I think my wife inherently practices some magical rites. When she hung a small broom next to the door, I read up on it and learned turning it right side up works to keep spiritual creatures out of the home. Now, however, I feel like it just made them curious and I may have made a mistake by taking the broom down. Am I just being too afraid?
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Re: Broom invitation
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 2
There are many, and varied, stories about brooms.It would seem that a broom is capable of all sorts of magic. It isn't! It is merely a symbol.
In days of old, every household would have a broom, to clean the house! The shaft was usually cut from a straight branch; and the "bristles" made from twigs of the bush Broom.
Eventually, the Broom became the symbol of a good housewife; a symbol of "the home".
A young bride would be given a present of a "new broom" made by her new husband.
It didn't take very long before a Broom became a symbol of what we now call "marriage"; hand fasting! When the couple would hold hands and leap over the fire, and then "jump over the broomstick".
These days, most witches will use a broom to "clean" an area where they are going to practice.
Does a broom keep spirits away? Some think it does. So why not hang one by the door? It cannot do any harm!
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Re: Broom invitation
Post # 3
Not all spirits can bad you know. sometime it can be good to have them.
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Re: Broom invitation
Post # 4
Thank you for the reassurance. In any case, this is all probably indicative of my fear of the spiritual. Where can I start to be at peace with that which is more powerful than me?
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Re: Broom invitation
Post # 5
Fear invites negativity
Rage invites negativity
Love invites positivity

In other words, put out good feelings and good feelings will come to to you. That just how I see it, and it works for me.
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